Winnebago Mental Health Institute - Civil Services

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Sherman Hall North and Sherman Hall South are coed, minimum security units that serve an average daily population of 40 patients admitted for psychiatric assessment, stabilization, medication management and treatment. An array of active treatment options, including on and off unit activities, a work program, and various educational opportunitites are provided to patients by the multidisciplinary team. Individualized behavior treatment is available for patients with co-occurring psychiatric impairments and behavioral dyscontrol.

Youth Inpatient Services Unit (YSU) is a 34-bed, gender specific, assessment/treatment unit for children and adolescents. Treatment is available for all needs, including psychiatric, behavioral, developmental disabilities, and the Anchorage Program for patients dually diagnosed with significant mental health and substance abuse issues. Short and long term treatment is available with a focus on community reintegration.

Last Revised: December 15, 2014