WISH Query Violent Death Weapons, 2004-2008

This module provides data on weapons involved in violent deaths that occurred in Wisconsin. It is based on the Wisconsin Violent Death Reporting System (WVDRS). WVDRS collects data from 72 Wisconsin county medical examiner/coroner offices, many local police agencies, two crime laboratories, and vital records (death certificates). "Violent deaths" in this reporting system include all suicide deaths, all homicide deaths, deaths of undetermined intent, deaths resulting from legal intervention, and deaths related to unintentional firearm injuries. More Definitions.

The module also provides two other query pages: one shows rates of violent deaths in the population, including demographic data, such as sex, race/ethnicity, and age groupings; the other shows counts of violent deaths by manner of death, allowing you to select a subpopulation or circumstance of death.

Since some violent deaths involve more than one weapon, the total number of weapons used is greater than the total number of violent deaths.

You have the option of limiting your query by choosing specific values for a number of parameters. Finally, choose row and column variables for your table.

Note: All years of data in the Violent Death Reporting System module were updated in December 2010. Queries run before this update may have produced slightly different results for the years 2004-2006.


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Last Revised: June 12, 2015