Substance Use Services for Women

The Department of Health Services is committed to providing prevention information and substance abuse services which are accessible, effective, and sensitive to the needs of women. Staff understands women often face barriers to accessing treatment, such as transportation, child care, lack of insurance coverage, and lack of support systems. Additionally, staff recognizes women continue to face significant stigma and a fear of consequences associated with seeking services.

The Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services is committed to working with its partners around the state to reduce these barriers and increase access to effective prevention and treatment services to assist women in reaching their recovery goals.


Priority Treatment Posters

Agencies receiving Substance Abuse Block Grant funds must give pregnant women priority in treatment admissions. Use one or all of these posters to inform clients of this rule. Provide agency contact information in the spaces provided before printing.

P-00405: Photo of an African-American woman (Landscape)

P-00405A: Silhouette image of a woman (Portrait)

P-00405B: Photo of a Caucasian woman (Portrait)


Last Revised: June 20, 2016