Wisconsin Resource Center - Unit 15 - Psychiatric Admissions/Acute

Institution Unit Supervisor: Tim Lundquist

To facilitate the admission for all inmates received into the Psych Service Area at WRC.

Unit Program Summary
As part of the Psychiatric Service Area, Unit 15 is defined as the Acute Psychiatric/Admissions unit that provides management and treatment of the most acute mentally ill inmates admitted and housed at the Wisconsin Resource Center. Unit 15 facilitates the admission and orientation process for all inmates being received into the Psychiatric Service area. These include inmates needing commitment or re-commitment under Wisconsin Statute 51, inmates who have been directed by the courts to be Treated to Competency and other mentally ill inmates who can benefit from psychiatric treatment.

The Treat to Competency program requires Unit 15 to work in unison with Mendota Mental Health Institute, Winnebago Mental Health Institute, Justice 2000 (court liaisons) and the Wisconsin Forensics Unit to help in treating those individuals that the court has ordered for treatment to competency. The unit coordinates services for those individuals who are pending revocation or are currently incarcerated with pending criminal charges. The unit 15 environment, program and structure is set to meet the clinical and social needs of the inmate while maintaining a balance of treatment, security and safety for the staff and inmates.

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Last Revised: March 5, 2015