Wisconsin Resource Center - Unit 16 - Maximum Custody Service

Institution Unit Supervisor: Ed Kremer


To provide awareness and coping skills for inmates with a history of poor institutional adjustment in a safe, secure, and structured environment, which is conducive to the treatment and security needs of the inmate and institution.

Unit Program Summary

Unit H16 houses the Coping Skills Program and the AODA Educational based program. These programs are designed to provide treatment to inmates in the pre-contemplative stage of change as per the Prochaska & DiClemente Stages of Change Model. The Coping Skills Program is a four-week program designed to provide awareness and coping skills for selected inmates. The AODA Program is a 5-week information based program with a behavioral cost-benefit project as the focus. An Inmate would be referred to the AODA Program when they have at least 18 months left of their sentence or per Unit H16 Treatment Team discretion.

Inmates are referred for these programs via the inmate's Treatment Learning Plan. Further assessment occurs by the H16 Treatment Team throughout the treatment period to evaluate if continued mental health or other programmatic treatment is needed. The goal of the unit is to propel the inmate to the contemplation or action phase of the stages of change model.

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Last Revised: March 5, 2015