Wisconsin Resource Center - Unit 20 - Specialized Treatment

Clinical Coordinator: Tom Ross


The Specialized Treatment Unit (STU) utilizes various treatment modalities as a part of an intensive program to address a range of trauma symptoms, restructure thinking patterns related to emotional and social difficulties and increase social skills to enhance participants’ functioning at Taycheedah Correctional Institution (TCI), Robert E. Ellsworth Correctional Center (REECC) and in the community.

Unit Description

The unit houses an intensive treatment program for 20 women who within two treatment groups, 10 participants in each group within a modified therapeutic community. The program lasts 25 weeks with each treatment group of 10 women starting on a staggered schedule, 12 weeks apart allowing each group of 10 women to begin and complete the program at the same time. The STU program’s philosophy is based on trauma-informed care, gender-responsive programs and an environment that promotes self-management and shared responsibilities. The core STU programs have been peer-reviewed, evaluated and identified as evidence-based programs. The programs are appropriate and designed for women involved with the criminal justice system. Staff from psychology, social services, therapeutic services, education, nursing, and chaplain services, among other disciplines, facilitate and lead groups and activities. The multi-disciplinary treatment team first assesses program participants’ strengths and needs and then collaborates with them to identify relevant interventions. Participants complete a battery of measures assessing trauma-specific and general psychological difficulties prior to enrolling in programming, as well as at the conclusion to assess treatment gains. Staff and program participants will emphasize core values of safety, choice, collaboration, and empowerment in the unit structure, programming, and their interactions. All cells will be single-occupancy and have sinks and toilets. STU program participants have demonstrated strengths and capabilities consistent with the high standard for inclusion in it. WWRC perceives STU participants as role models for others at WWRC. Consequently, participants are responsible and expected to model consistent attendance and active participation in groups, activities and individual sessions as part of their treatment experience at WWRC.

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Last Revised: March 5, 2015