Wisconsin Resource Center - Unit 22 - High Acuity

Nursing Supervisor: Matthew Butkiewicz


The High Acuity Unit’s mission is to reduce symptoms of serious mental illness or severe behavioral instability, which threatens the safety of the offender or others, via focused therapeutic interventions, stabilization of psychotropic medication, and behavior management.

Unit Description

The unit houses a working population of 10 offenders. It consists of women in general population and segregation statuses. Some offenders remain for short-term stabilization and return to Taycheedah Correctional Institution, while others progress to the Moderate Acuity Unit for more in-depth programming after exhibiting improved behavioral and/or psychiatric stability and reduced risk for self-harm and harm to others. All cells are single-occupancy cells with sinks and toilets. Most programming is conducted on the High Acuity Unit, although women can progress to day programming off the unit to help their transition to the Moderate Acuity Unit.

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Last Revised: March 5, 2015