Wisconsin Resource Center - Unit 3 - AODA Release

AODA Clinical Coordinator: Sarah Donovan


The AODA/Re-Entry Units provide an environment that promotes rehabilitation with re-entry planning, medication management, independent living skills, job skills, personal responsibility, and self-control to reintegrate the resident to the community.


In preparation for a successful transition into the community, develop a supportive environment that provides inmates the opportunity to learn and practice skills, and make independent choices which promote wellness and recovery. Teams will consistently teach, model, and reinforce appropriate behavior and healthy communication in a safe and secure setting.

Program Statement

The objective of the Re-Entry Units is to provide skills and practice necessary for successful re-entry to the community. The Re-Entry units provide a community-based environment with practice in budgeting. The program is choice-based and each resident receives $30 of simulated money in an account for monthly expenses. Room and board is collected on the 1st of the month. It includes 3 meals per day and a set amount of hygiene items. Anything beyond the room and board expenses must be prioritized for value and budgeted for as needed. Treatment interventions and coaching will promote applying skills to manage independently in the community.

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Last Revised: March 5, 2015