Wisconsin Resource Center - Unit 4 - High Management Security

Institution Unit Supervisor: Dee Kapitzke


To provide a secure environment with options for the highest level of control and management interventions to address inmate behaviors that present a significant danger to self or others, or which present a severe disruptive potential to the operation of the institution. Once the presenting behavior has been stabilized, the unit treatment team will initiate programming to minimize relapse of the immediate behavior and attempt to return the inmate/patient to the home unit in a timely manner. For inmates, the unit also has a role of implementing restrictive dispositions pursuant to DOC 303 (Wisconsin Administrative Code), as adapted at WRC to enforce inmate discipline.

Unit Program Summary

The High Management Unit provides a secure environment for the institution and inmate. An inmate placed onto this unit has previously exhibited a significant threat to the safety and security of the individual or the facility. Once the immediate presenting behavior has diminished the inmate is reviewed for placement to a lower management unit.

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Last Revised: June 17, 2015