Wisconsin Resource Center - Unit 7 - Medium Custody Service Area

Institution Unit Supervisor: Angela Wood

Program Statement

The mission of the Medium Custody Service Area is to provide a safe, non-violent, secure and structured treatment environment to address symptom management and the individual referral reasons of inmates to the Wisconsin Resource Center, as well as to enhance skills needed for a successful and non-problematic assimilation upon return to the DOC.

The Medium Custody program focuses on achieving self-governed compliance with rules and policies, commitment to a productive schedule, appropriate socialization, adequate coping skills and overall independent living skills. It encourages inmates to take responsibility for self growth and reinforces this through a collaborative effort to address areas that present as problematic and interfere in functioning. Development and application of these skills will increase the ability to negotiate a traditional institutional living environment and/or the community. The Treatment Team promotes and encourages programming, therapy, medication compliance, and healthy lifestyle choices while concurrently preparing for transfer to the Department of Corrections, medium custody Institutions.


  • Address individual treatment needs identified by DOC.

  • Provide clinical monitoring through groups and on-unit individual contacts.

  • Strengthen independent living skills and pro-social life skills with appropriate feedback and interventions. 

  • Reinforce essential treatment programming.

  • Increase skills to negotiate a traditional institution living environment.

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Last Revised: March 5, 2015