Wisconsin Resource Center - Unit 8 - Pre-Release and ATR Mental Health

Institution Unit Supervisor: Tim Reichenberger

Unit Description

The B8 AODA/Re-entry & ATR unit provides an environment that promotes rehabilitation with re-entry planning, medication management, independent living skills, personal responsibility, and self-control to re-integrate the resident to the community.

In preparation for a successful transition into the community, the B8 team develops a supportive environment that provides inmates the opportunity to learn and practice skills, and make independent choices which help promote Wellness and Recovery. The multi-disciplinary team consistently teach, model, and reinforce appropriate behavior and healthy communication in a safe and secure setting.

The B8 multi-disciplinary team also works with community agents in Department of Community Corrections to treat mentally ill offenders as an Alternative to Revocation, so the offender can eventually better manage their mental health symptoms in the community instead of incarceration.

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Last Revised: March 5, 2015