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Wisconsin Primary Care Programs
How Do I Request a Shortage Designation?

Health Professional Shortage Area designation (primary care, dental or mental health HPSA)

  • Please send a written request by e-mail to Wisconsin HPSA team
  • Your request needs to identify:

    • The type of HPSA you are requesting (primary care, dental or mental health).
    • The geographic service area for your request.
    • Why your community needs a HPSA - which HPSA-linked benefits your community needs (federal loan repayment, Rural Health Clinic certification, Medicare provider bonus payments).

Medically Underserved Area/Population designation for new communities to apply for federal community health center funding

  • Which path you are taking to try to start a new Community Health Center (new applicant, planning grant, partner with existing CHC, etc.)
  • Which area you are targeting for a new CHC site
  • Where your community is in terms of in readiness to meet all federal requirements to submit an application for a new CHC.

Governor's Shortage Designation for Rural Health Clinics

  • Please send a written request by e-mail to Wisconsin HPSA team
  • The Primary Care Office will prioritize requests for existing RHCs which do not have a current HPSA designation.
  • Your request needs to identify:
    • Reason for your request:  to retain an existing RHC or to establish a new RHC in an area without a current HPSA designation.
    • Proposed service area.
    • RHC contact person who will help collect primary care physician FTE data for their service area (contact's name, phone and e-mail address).


  • Plan ahead - It can take 6-12 months to review your request, collect the required provider data, submit a state application to HRSA, and for HRSA to approve a new designation.
  • No guarantees - The Primary Care Office works very hard to see if communities can meet federal criteria for a shortage designation, but cannot guarantee that an area will meet the criteria required by federal law.

Last Revised: August 18, 2014