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Alcohol and Other Drug Use Statistics

The Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Use, 2012 is a compilation of alcohol and other drug use data from various sources, released in 2012. From each data source, it presents the most recent available year of data, as well as trend information for previous years and U.S. comparisons when available. County-level data tables are included to assist in developing local needs assessments.

You can view, print or download the entire Profile as a single file, or access it in smaller, more manageable segments.

Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drug Use, 2012

Entire Profile, P45718-12, pages 1-100 (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Title Page, Acknowledgements, Executive Summary, Table of Contents,
List of Tables and Figures, Introduction
, pages 1-11 (PDF, 203 KB)

Consequences of Alcohol Consumption, pages 12-32 (PDF, 364  KB)

Consequences of Illicit Drug Consumption, pages 33-41 (PDF, 176 KB)

Consequences Associated with More Than One Substance, pages 42-52 (PDF, 172 KB)

Alcohol Consumption, pages 53-72 (PDF, 333 KB)

Other Drug Consumption, pages 73-83 (PDF, 217 KB)

Community and Individual Risk Factors, pages 84-88 (PDF, 102 KB)

Conclusion, pages 89-90 (PDF, 47 KB)

Appendices - Definitions; Surveys and Other Data Sources, pages 91-100 (PDF, 130 KB)

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Reports from previous years

This report was prepared by the Office of Health Informatics, Division of Public Health, in consultation with the Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. Report preparation was funded by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, under a Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG).

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Last Revised:  June 23, 2014