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Budget Information

Biennial Budget Request, 2013-15 (PDF, 574 KB)

2011-13 Biennial Budget: Major Provisions for DHS (PDF, 83 KB)

DHS Biennial Budget Request, 2011-13 (PDF, 641 KB)

Reports and Plans

The Impact of the ACA on Wisconsin's Health Insurance Market (PDF, 612 KB)

2011 Annual Report of Hunger in Wisconsin (PDF, 137 KB)

Clients Served by DHS Programs (PDF, 780 KB)

DHS Workforce Plan, 2009-2011 (PDF, 300 KB)

Medicaid State Plan

Report on the Health Status of Wisconsin, December 2010 (PDF, 266 KB)

Information by Division or Office

Division of Enterprise Services

Division of Health Care Access and Accountability

Division of Long Term Care

Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Division of Public Health

Division of Quality Assurance

Office of the Inspector General

Office of Legal Counsel

Office of Policy Initiatives and Budget

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Last Revised:  February 26, 2014