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Enrollment Data/Employer Reports

Enrollment Data

The BC+ Enrollment reports provide information on BadgerCare Plus Enrollment for the following demographic groups: Children, Adults and Caretakers, Pregnant Women, Children with income above 250% FPL, Pregnant Women with income above 300% FPL, and increases in enrollment for these groups since the beginning of BC+ (02/01/2008). These reports also detail the number of BC+ Members on the Standard Plan and the Benchmark Plan.

  • BadgerCare Plus Enrollment by County (PDF, 357 KB) as of March, 2014.
  • BadgerCare Plus Statewide Enrollment (PDF, 99 KB) as of March, 2014.

Employer Reports 

The Employer reports provide information on Wisconsin employers who employ BC+ members. This information is updated on a quarterly basis.

Note: Households where more than one member of the house is employed by the same employer have only been counted once for employers within the top 100 employers. The employer names were not entered in standard manner from the data source. Therefore, the employer name could not be standardized within the "Other Employers" category, and the numbers may reflect duplicate counts for the household. For example, in a household with two parents working for the same employer within the "Other Employers" category, the household may be counted twice in this category. The "All Employers Statewide-Unduplicated" line, located at the bottom of these reports, reflects an unduplicated count, by case and individual, for a family having multiple employers within a household (i.e., a person is only counted once).

Quarterly Comparison (XLS 60KB) For the four most recent quarters

Last Revised: April 10, 2014