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Quick Links:
IRIS Participant Map (101K PDF)
DHS IRIS Brochure
2009 Annual Report of Wisconsin's LTC Programs

Aging and Disability Resource Centers
IRIS Consultant Agency (Exit DHS)
IRIS Financial Services Agency (Exit DHS)
Wisconsin Medical Assistance
IRIS Program Feedback (45K PDF)

IRIS is a Wisconsin program where you self-direct your publicly funded, community-based, long-term care supports and services. IRIS can help you get the life you want with the support you need. In IRIS you use your own natural supports and creativity with your budget to achieve your hopes and dreams.

Goals of IRIS:
INCLUDE Wisconsin elders, adults with physical disabilities and adults with developmental disabilities who are Medicaid eligible are included in communities across Wisconsin just like everyone else. IRIS can help participants remain connected to others.

RESPECT You choose where you live, what relationships you build, where you work, and how actively you participate in your community.

I SELF-DIRECT IRIS is a self-directed option in which you creatively use your monthly budget allocation to help meet your individual long-term care needs. You decide what is important to you.

New Update: Plan Approval Communication

Where to find updated information:

We will continue to update and add to the information about IRIS and self-directed supports on these web pages, so check back frequently. If you need information that is not published here, you may contact:

IRIS Information
Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Bureau of Long Term Support
1 West Wilson Street, Room 418

P.O. Box 7851
Madison WI  53707-7851

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Last Revised: January 30, 2014