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What are the Rehabilitation Teaching Services?

Intake and Assessment:

  • An evaluation of the incoming skill level of the consumers in all appropriate areas of instruction, plus training in the test-teach-test format to determine the duration of training to reach stated goals.

Areas of Training and Skill Building:

  • Indoor Orientation and Mobility: Teaching safe and efficient travel skills using methods and techniques that maximize safety in the community.

  • Activities of Daily Living: Teaching personal, and home management skills, as well as skills transferable to the work setting (labeling, filing, and organizational skills)

  • Communications: Braille literacy and improving handwriting or use of signature, budgeting and check writing, use of recording devices.

  • Counseling and Vocational Exploration: Identifying and developing reasonable goals and appropriate accommodations to vocational outcomes.

  • Adjustment and Support Groups: Groups for individuals and/or family, evenings, work day or weekends

  • Social Skills: Skills of interviewing, developing resources, and leisure time management to name a few.

Skills provided in Cluster Teaching Group Model:

  • Group for seniors experiencing low vision. Provides an exposure to skills designed to facilitate the highest level of independence. Skills include:
    • Adaptive techniques of food preparation
    • Work simplification,
    • Safety in the home,
    • Communications,
    • Mobility, and
    • Community resources

Low Vision Services

  • Identification and one-on-one training with specialized optical equipment and lighting techniques

  • Use of specific filter sunglasses

  • Referrals to Low Vision Therapist or Optometrist

Last Revised: July 12, 2010