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Service Name Contact  Phone Email
Abortion Report (statistical publication) Ninneman, Laura 608-267-9055
Abstinence Program Kruse, Terry 608-267-9662
Accounts Payable Nelson, Steve 608-266-8996
Administrative Rules (Department) Greer, Rosie 608-266-1279
Adobe Connect Grotsky, Jack 608-267-6783
Adolescent Health Kruse, Terry 608-267-9662
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Kruse, Terry 608-267-9662
Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program - Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program Customer Services 608-221-3701  
Adult Day Care Programs, General Anderson, Colette 608-266-7463
Adult Family Homes, Regulation Anderson, Colette 608-266-7463
Advance Directives - Living Will, Power of Attorney Stephens, Annette (receptionist) 608-266-1251
Affirmative Action Lopez, David 608-266-3465
Affirmative Action ~ TextNet TextNet 888-701-1251  
Agent Orange (Dioxin) Anderson, Henry 608-266-1253
Aging Services, Alzheimer's Felten, Kristen 608-267-9719
Aging Services, Elder Abuse Referrals Steele, Kathleen 608-266-2536
Aging Services, Employment Snittler, Monica 608-267-9097
Aging Services, Fiscal Bond, Gordon 608-266-9696
Aging Services, Foster Grandparents Paepke, LuAnn 608-266-2695
Aging Services, Information & Assistance - Consumers Steele, Kathleen 608-266-2536
Aging Services, Intergenerational Programs Paepke, LuAnn 608-266-2695
Aging Services, Volunteer Programs Paepke, LuAnn 608-266-2695
AIDS - Care and Treatment Issues McFadden, Michael 608-266-0682
AIDS - Drug Assistance Program Hunt, La Sherri 608-267-6875
AIDS - Health Insurance Premium Subsidy Program McFadden, Michael 608-266-0682
AIDS - HIV Surveillance McFadden, Michael 608-266-0682
AIDS - Partner Counseling and Referral Services Shrestha, Dhana 608-267-5288
AIDS - Prevention Pilcher, Tim 608-264-6514
AIDS - Ryan White Grant Ruetten, Mari 608-261-6397
AIDS - Statistical Reports McFadden, Michael 608-266-0682
AIDS Program Rohde, Kris 608-267-5287
Air Contaminant Monitoring, Residential Wozniak, Ryan 608-267-3227
Air Pollution Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Alcoholism Oppor, Lou 608-266-9485
Aldicarb Anderson, Henry 608-266-1253
Alzheimers Felten, Kristen 608-267-9719
Ambulance - Air Ambulance Licensing Hornby, Fred 608-266-8853
Ambulance - Service Providers - Basic Lemke, Ray 608-266-0737
Ambulance - Service Providers - Intermediate Happel, Chuck 608-266-0471
Ambulance - Service Providers - Paramedic Hornby, Fred 608-266-8853
Ambulatory Surgery Data (for Wisconsin agencies) Miller, Richard 608-267-3858
Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Regulation Torgeson, Denise 608-266-7345
Animal Bites Kazmierczak, Jim 608-266-2154
AODA Policy/Certification/General Info Hale, Mark 608-264-9894
AODA Program Certification Rule Vacant, Contact Supervisor, Louis Oppor 608-266-9485
Arsenic (In Soil) Thiboldeaux, Rob 608 267-6844
Arsenic (In Water) Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Asbestos Certification Bruce, Shelley 608-267-0928
Asbestos Consultants / Contractors Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Asbestos Inspection Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Asbestos Regulations Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Asbestos, Commercial / Industrial Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Asbestos, Health / Medical Issues Anderson, Henry 608-266-1253
Asbestos, Residential Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Asbestos, Schools Schmitt, David 715-836-6688
Asbestos, Training Classes Raiche-Gill, Jeff 608-266-9382
Asbestos, Training Course Accreditation Raiche-Gill, Jeff 608-266-9382
Asbestos, Vermiculite Nehls-Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Assisted Living Facilities, General Anderson, Colette 608-266-7463
Asthma Rameker, Cristine 608-267-6845
Audits ~ Department of Health Services Thornton, Lori 608-261-8308
Autism Murray, Bill 608-261-5998
Bacterial Meningitis Ahrabi-Fard, Susann 608-261-6955
BadgerCare Plus Member Services 1-800-362-3002
Bed and Breakfast McRoberts, Reed 608-266-8282
Bed Banking Cobb, Jim 608-264-6730
Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Data Ziege, Anne 608-267-9821
Bids Sommers Smith, Jacqueline 608-266-0509
Birth and Infant Death Data Ninneman, Laura 608-267-9055
Birth Certificate Copies Vital Records VoiceMail Menu 608-266-1371  
Birth Defects Prevention and Surveillance Helm-Quest, Peggy 608-267-2945
Birth Statistics Ninneman, Laura 608-267-9055
Birth to 3 Interagency Coordinating Council Larsen, Susan 608-267-9184
Birth To 3 Program Larsen, Susan 608-267-9184
Blind & Visually Impaired Langham, Thomas 414-302-2765
Blind Administration Langham, Tom 414-302-2765
Blind and Visually Impaired, Support Groups for Older Blind Langham, Tom 414-302-2765
Blind, Elderly Grant Langham, Tom 414-302-2765
Block Grants, Substance Abuse Oppor, Lou 608-266-9485
Bloodborne Pathogens Standards Borlaug, Gwen 608-267-7711
Bodies, Disposition of Human Corpse Biely, Rebecca 608-266-0330
Body Piercing McRoberts, Reed 608-266-8282
Brain Injury Waiver Cox, Denise 608-266-0547
Breast Cancer Johnson, Gale 608-261-6872
Breastfeeding Pederson, Kathryn A. 608-267-9186
Brownfields Nehls-Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Bureau of Aging & Disability Resources (BADR) Steele, Kathleen 608-266-2536
Bureau of Community Health Promotion Overview Uttech, Susan 608-267-3561
C N A (Certified Nurse Assistant/Nurse Aide) Hintze, Cindy 608-261-8328
Cadmium Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Campgrounds McRoberts, Reed 608-266-8282
Cancer Clusters Nehls-Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Cancer Control and Prevention Musial, Cynthia 608-267-3860
Cancer Control Program - Comprehensive Conlon, Amy 608-265-9322
Cancer Incidence and Mortality Stephenson, Laura 608-266-8926
Caregiver Background Checks Caregiver Intake 608-261-8319
Caregiver Misconduct Complaints Caregiver Intake 608-261-8319
Caregiver Misconduct Investigations Arkens, Laurie 920-448-5225
CBRFs, General Anderson, Colette 608-266-7463
Census Data Pearson, Karl T 608-266-1920
Central Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Holling, Janice 608-301-9229
Certificate of Public Advantage Randy McElhose 608-267-7127
Certificates (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death) Vital Records VoiceMail Menu 608-266-1371
Certification of Programs Under Chapter 51 Statutes Hale, Mark 608-264-9894
Certified Nursing Assistant Hintze, Cindy 608-261-8328
Cervical Cancer Screening Johnson, Gale 608-261-6872
Chemical Exposure - General Nehls-Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Chemical Exposure - Health Effects Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Chemical Terrorism Wozniak, Ryan 608-267-3227
Chickenpox Hopfensperger, Dan 608-266-1339
Childhood Lead Poisoning Coons, Margie 608-267-0473
Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Fleischfresser, Sharon 608-266-3674
Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) Danforth, Marie 608-266-2861
Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Uttech, Susan 608-267-3561
Chronic Renal Disease Program - Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program Customer Services 608-221-3701  
Civil Rights Compliance Duran, Dave 608-266-3465
Civil Rights Compliance ~ TextNet (TextNet) 888-701-1251  
Client Rights Under DHS94 (DMHSAS) O'Flanagan, Laura 608-266-9369
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Certification Rylander, Thomas 608-261-0654
Clinical Labs Rylander, Thomas 608-261-0654
Cocaine Exposed Babies Kruse, Terry 608-267-9662
Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) Keeley, Jennifer 608-266-8403
Communication (Risk Communication) Kaplan, Beth 608-261-9303
Community Aids Reporting (CARS) Lavasseur, Debe 608-267-9577
Community Based Residential Facilities, General Anderson, Colette 608-266-7463
Community Health Centers Brockman, Traici 608-267-1440
Community Recovery Services (CRS) Bonlender, Ron 608-267-9864
Community Support Programs, Mental Health Munger, Brad 608-266-2754
Community Water Fluoridation Kuester, Robbyn 608-266-0876
Complaints ~ Clinics (All other clinics) DATCP Consumer Protection (800) 422-7128  
Complaints ~ Discrimination (Department ~ TextNet) TextNet 888-701-1251  
Complaints ~ Discrimination (Department) Lopez, David 608-266-3465
Complaints ~ Physicians Dept. of Safety and Professional Services 608-266-7482  
Complaints ~ Social Worker Contact County
Complaints, Ambulance Services Pullen, Helen 608-266-1568
Complaints, Caregiver Misconduct Caregiver Intake 608-261-8319
Complaints, Child Day Care Providers-Certified Ibeling, Jolene - DCF 608-277-2079 See County of complaint
Complaints, Clinics (MH & Drug Clinics) Toll-free HHA Hotline 1-800-642-6552  
Complaints, Developmental Disabilities, Community Setting Rodriguez, Camille 608-266-9366
Complaints, HHAs/Hospices Toll-free HHA Hotline 1-800-642-6552  
Complaints, Home Health Toll-free HHA Hotline 1-800-642-6552  
Complaints, Hospitals, ESRD's, ASC's Bureau of Health Services 1-800-642-6552  
Complaints, Nursing Homes, De Pere (NE Region) Magnant. Leona 920-360-5134
Complaints, Nursing Homes, Eau Claire (Western Region) Radtke, Jessica 715-365-2801
Complaints, Nursing Homes, Madison (Southern Region) Angell, Ann 608-219-9237
Complaints, Nursing Homes, Milwaukee (SE Region) Rucker, Carol Jean 414-227-4563
Complaints, Nursing Homes, Rhinelander (Northern Region) Radtke, Jessica 715-365-2801
Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Conlon, Amy 608-265-9322
Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Lofton, Cheryl 608-267-1427
Confidentiality of Case Record Information Legal Counsel 608-266-8428  
Congenital Disorders Program Zetzsche, Lindsey 608-267-7148
Connect, Adobe Grotsky, Jack 608-267-6783
Constituent Relations Bergstrom, Leanne 608-266-8427
Construction - Remodeling Kosarzycki, Henry 414-227-4951
Consumer Information Report Reeves, Anthony 608-267-3325
Contracts, Procurement (Only BPTR) Bennett, Pat 608-261-9315
Coordinators for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mullett, Amber 608-261-7823
Coroner Information Biely, Rebecca 608-266-0330
Corporate Guardianships Tran, Dinh 608-266-6646
Cost Allocation Corbett, Dave 608-267-3903
Council on Blindness Langham, Tom 414-302-2765
County Issues Fawcett, Jamie 262-521-5113
County Merit System den Daas, Jennifer 608-266-0559
County Public Health Profiles Zhang, Yiwu 608-267-0334
Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) Consultation/Training Mims, Cremear 414-227-4556
DD Network Brost, Marcie 608-266-9366
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Hearing Aids Small, Carolyn 715-836-2107
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Interpreting Information Mullett, Amber 608-261-7823
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Telecommunication Assistance Program Cucinotta, Meta 608-234-4501`
Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind Referral Information Mullett, Amber 608-261-7823
Death Investigation (1989 Act 336) Behavior Health Certification 608-261-0658  
Death Statistics Knapton, Joyce 608-267-7815
Death, reportable Behavior Health Certification 608-261-0658  
Declaration to Physicians (Living Will) Stephens, Annette (receptionist) 608-261-1251
Demographic Information Pearson, Karl T. 608-266-1920
Dental Medicaid Member Services 800-362-3002  
Dental Public Health Musial, Cynthia 608-267-3860
Developmental Disabilities, Birth-To-3 Program Larsen, Susan 608-267-9184
Developmental Disabilities, Brain Injury Waiver Cox, Denise 608-266-0547
Developmental Disabilities, Community Services Rodriguez, Camille 608-266-9366
Developmental Disabilities, Supported Employment Program Hofmeister, Tammy 608-266-7251
DHS IT Service Desk (long distance to Madison) 1-866-335-2180
Diabetes Prevention and Control Program Pesik, Mary 608-267-3694
Dialysis Centers, Survey/Certification Mims, Cremear 414-227-4556
Dietary Services Bergquest, Vickie 920-983-3184
Dioxin Anderson, Henry 608-266-1253
Diphtheria Hopfensperger, Dan 608-266-1339
Directories, Assisted Living Facilities Betz, Richard 608-264-9898
Directories, CBRF Kletzien, Karl 608-267-7188
Directories, Health Facilities Kletzien, Karl 608-266-7188
Directories, Residential Facilities Kletzien, Karl 608-266-7188
Disability ~ Reasonable Accommodation Lopez, David 608-266-3465
Disability Determination, Social Security and SSI John Crossman 608-267-3644
Disability of Medicaid Claims and Katie Beckett Determinations Vickie Davis 608-267-9957
Disability Services, Benefit Specialist Program Hefko, Phoebe 608-266-8905
Disabled Expanded Certification Jirschele, Jennifer 608-264-3305
Discrimination, Employment Lopez, David 608-266-3465
Discrimination, Employment, TextNet TextNet 888-701-1251  
Diseases, Communicable -- Main line Main Line 608-267-9003  
Division of Public Health -- Main Line Stephens, Annette (receptionist) 608-266-1251
Division of Public Health -- TTY Line (TTY line) 888-701-1253
Division of Quality Assurance Main Phone 608-266-8481
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living, Northeastern Regional Office Lyons, Kathy 920-983-3191
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living, Southeastern Regional Office Farmer, Susan 414-227-4565
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living, Southern Regional Office Peshek, Paul 608-266-8339
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living, Western Regional Office Gardner, Bill 715-836-4029
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care, Northeastern Regional Office Magnant, Leona 920-983-3195
Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care, Western Regional Office Radtke, Jessica 715-365-2801
Division of Quality Assurance, Northern Regional Office, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care Radtke, Jessica 715-365-2801
Division of Quality Assurance, Office of Caregiver Quality, Central Office Arkens, Laurie 608-264-9876
Division of Quality Assurance, Resident Care Review, Southern Regional Office Virnig, Pat 608-266-8886
Divorce Statistics Knapton, Joyce 608-267-7815
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order Verdon, Wanda 608-266-1568
Do Not Resuscitate Bracelet Verdon, Wanda 608-266-1568
Drinking Water Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Drugs Oppor, Lou 608-266-9485
Durable Medical Equipment Matt Fanale 608-266-7415
Durable Medical Equipment Poppe-Lake, Dawn (608) 267-8925
Early Intervention Program/Birth to 3 Program Larsen, Susan 608-267-9184
Education/Exercises, Preparedness Neuert, Don 608-266-3888
Elderly Services Steele, Kathleen 608-266-2536
Electromagnetic Fields Adams, Charles W. 608-267-4794
Emergency Detention Zimmerman, Dan 608-266-7072
Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) Kocol, Kitty 608-267-9071
Emergency Human Services Devore, Jan 608-264-6303
Emergency Medical Services Verdon, Wanda 608-266-1568
Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Ullsvik, Jennifer 608-267-7178
Emergency Medical Services, Communications Wittkamp, Paul 608-261-9306
Emergency Medical Services, First Responder Certification/Trng Lemke, Ray 608-266-0737
Emergency Medical Services, Funding Assistance Wittkamp, Paul 608-261-9306
Emergency Medical Services, Training Centers Hornby, Fred 608-266-8853
Emergency Medical Technician Licensing - Basic Lemke, Ray 608-266-0737
Emergency Medical Technician Licensing – Intermediate, Intermediate Tech, and AEMT Happel, Chuck 608-266-0471
Emergency Medical Technician Licensing – Paramedic Hornby, Fred 608-266-8853
Emergency Operations Pentony, Lisa 608-267-3319
Emergency Response (DHS/DPH) Health Emergencies (general) Pentony, Lisa 608-267-3319
Emergency Response, Radiological Schmidt, Paul 608-267-4792
Employee Suggestion Program Heisler, Linda 608-266-0844
Employment Relations, Grievances Thompson, Scott 608-266-9862
Employment Verification Ingwell, Colleen 608-267-9067
End Stage Renal Dialysis Providers, Survey Bureau of Health Services 608-266-8481  
End Stage Renal Disease Mims, Cremear 414-227-4556
Energy Assistance, Inc. Assistance with Gas & Electric bills General Number 608-283-7660 Private Company
Entity Background Checks Arkens, Laurie 920-448-5225
Environmental / Occupational Health - Main line Bakken, Melody 608-266-1295
Environmental Contamination Nehls-Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Environmental Disease Tracking Camponeschi, Jenny 608-267-3811
Environmental Epidemiology Anderson, Henry 608-266-1253
Environmental Health Education and Outreach Maloney, Jessica 608-267-7199
Equal Opportunity, Services/Employment Lopez, David 608-266-3465
Equal Opportunity, Services/Employment, TextNet TextNet 1-888-701-1251  
Ergonomic Evaluations Becker, Sue 608-261-8080
ESRD (End Stage Renal Dialysis Providers), Survey Bureau of Health Services 608-266-8481  
Exercises and Evaluation - Preparedness Kaczmarski, Brian 608-267-3319
Experimental Procedures/Transplants, Medicaid Coverage Dr. Lora Wiggins
Facilities Engineering Neckar, Ed 608-267-4594
Facilities For Developmentally Disabled Tran, Dinh 608-266-6646
Family Care Kristan, Margaret 608-261-6393
Family Health Survey Data Nohel, Audrey 608-267-0244
Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) Allen, Judy 608-261-8867
Federal Legislation Johnston, Amy (Governor's Office) 202-624-5870
Federal Reports (Fiscal) McDowell, Amy 608-266-2708
Federal Sanctions Busse, Shari 608-266-7952
Federal-State DC Office Riemann, Wendy 202-624-5870
Federal/State Enforcement (DQA Only) Busse, Shari 608-266-7952
Federally Qualified Health Center, Medicaid Michael Stuve 608-266-0512
Feeding Assistant Programs Hintze, Cindy 608-261-8328
Field Operations, Health - Eau Claire Ringhand, Tim 715-836-3944
Field Operations, Health - Green Bay Culotta, Christopher D. 920-448-5220
Field Operations, Health - Madison Pluymers, David 608-266-2757
Field Operations, Health - Milwaukee Nimsgern, Angela 715-365-2721
Field Operations, Health - Rhinelander Nimsgern, Angela 715-365-2721
First Responder Services Lemke, Ray 608-266-0737
Fiscal Management System (FMS) Palchik, Laurie 608-267-7130
Fiscal Officer, Department McDowell, Amy 608-266-2019
Fish Advisories/Toxics Anderson, Henry 608-266-1253
Fitness Center, CPR Cert Happel, Chuck 608-266-0471
Fleet Manager (DHS) Clifton, Brenda 608-267-5227
Fluoridation Operations Kuester, Robbyn 608-266-0876
Food Certification, Restaurant Braumann, Kathy 608-266-2835
Food Management, Institutions only Lederhause, Kathryn 608-266-3210
Food Pantries Kocol, Kitty 608-267-9071
Food Safety Mack, James 608-266-8351
Food Share Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Food Stamps, see Food Share Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Foodborne Illness Klos, Rachel 608-267-7422
FoodShare Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Foreign Language/Interpreter Lopez, David 608-266-3465
Forfeiture, Nursing Home Hansen, Gail 608-266-2966
Formaldehyde, General Smith, Walt 608-266-2817
Fruits and Vegetable Nutrition Program Stader, Kelli 608-267-2282
Functional Screen, Long Term Care Luedtke, Kathleen 608-264-9868
Gambling McCarville, Jamie 608-267-7712
Genealogy Studies (appointments) Temple, Molly W. (interim) 608-267-7820
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Statements (Dept) Corbett, Dave 608-267-3903
Governor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities Lincoln, Sarah 608-261-7974
Groundwater Standards Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Group Home, Adult Licensing Anderson, Colette 608-266-7463
Guardianship - Adults / Referrals Steele, Kathleen 608-266-2536
Guardianship, Corporate Tran, Dinh 608-266-6646
Hazardous Event Surveillance Wiertzema, Ashley 608-266-6762
Hazardous Spills Nehls- Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Hazardous Waste Sites Nehls-Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Health & Safety (Department) Becker, Sue 608-261-8080
Health & Safety/Adult Protective Services for Developmental Disabilities Rodriguez, Camille 608-266-6774
Health Education - Environmental Maloney, Jessica 608-267-7199
Health Effects from Chemical Exposure Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Health Facility Regulation Busse, Shari 608-266-7952
Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) Johnson, Kathy 608-266-5484
Health Insurance Statistics Nohel, Audrey 608-267-0244
Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) Brockman, Traici 608-267-1440
Health Statistics Office of Health Informatics 608-266-7568
HealthCheck, Medicaid, Member Services Statewide Toll-Free 1-800-362-3002  
HealthCheck, Medicaid, Provider Services Medicaid Fiscal Agent 1-800-947-9627  
Healthiest Wisconsin 2010 and 2020 Cruz, Evelyn 608-261-9308
Healthy Birth Onheiber, Patrice 608-266-3894
Healthy Start, Recipients (Toll-free) See Medicaid 1-800-722-2295  
Hearing Screening for Newborns and Infants Fleischfresser, Sharon 608-266-3674
Heart Disease and Stroke Baumann, Julie 608-267-7809
Hemophilia Home Care Program - Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program Customer Services 608-221-3701  
Hepatitis A Kazmierczak, Jim 608-266-2154
Hepatitis B Hopfensperger, Dan 608-266-1339
Hepatitis C Guilfoyle, Sheila 608-266-5819
Herbicides Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Herpes Wunder, Loriann 608-266-7922
HIPAA - Privacy Officer Johnson, Kathy 608-266-5484
HIV Testing Pilcher, Timothy 608-264-6514
Home Health Agencies - Survey Sutton, Mary Jo 920-448-5239
Home Health Agencies, Regulation Sutton, Mary Jo 920-448-5239
Home Health Clinics Sutton, Mary Jo 920-448-5239
Home Health Hotline Local ph: (608) 267-1441   Toll Free: 1-800-642-6552
Hospice Interface, Nursing Homes/CBRF's Sutton, Mary Jo 920-448-5239
Hospice Regulation Sutton, Mary Jo 920-448-5239 MaryJo.Sutton@dhs.wisconsin.,gov
Hospice, Survey Sutton, Mary Jo 920-448-5239
Hospital Regulation Bureau of Health Services 608-266-8481  
Hospital State Plan, Organ Transplants Dr. Lora Wiggins
Hospital, Survey Bureau of Health Services 608-266-8481  
Hospitals, emergency dept. data (for Wisconsin agencies) Miller, Richard 608-267-3858
Hospitals, inpatient data (for Wisconsin agencies) Miller, Richard 608-267-3858
Hospitals, Preparedness Strubel, Carolyn 608-267-0247
Hospitals, Trauma Designation Ullsvik, Jennifer 608-267-7178
Housing (DD) Brost, Marcie 608-266-9366
Housing, Low-Income - Aged Steele, Kathleen 608-266-2536
Human Services Reporting System (HSRS) Robbins, Greg 608-266-5725
IDR (Informal Dispute Resolution) - DQA Benesh, Pat 608-264-9896
Immigration, 517 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee Federal 414-291-3565  
Immunization Viney, Kami 608-267-9959
Independent Living Centers Lincoln, Sarah 608-266-7974
Independent Living Council (Toll Free WI -only) 1-888-947-7452  
Independent Living Council TTY 608-261-8396  
Indian & Native American Affairs Nahwahquaw, Gail 608-261-9334
Indoor Air Quality - Schools Smith, Walt 608-266-2817
Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Wozniak, Ryan 608 267-3227
Indoor Air Quality, Private Homes Smith, Walt 608-266-2817
Industrial Hygiene / Air Testing Wozniak, Ryan 608-267-3227
Infant Feeding / Infant Formulas Murphy, Lisa 608-266-6780
Infant Health Screening Kruse, Terry 608-267-9662
Infectious Diseases Main Line 608-267-9003  
Influenza Haupt, Tom 608-266-5326
Influenza, Pandemic Preparedness Pentony, Lisa 608-267-3319
Injection Drug Use Hiser, Tanya 608-267-7707
Injury Prevention Weiss, Hank 608-266-3008
Institutional Billing & Collections Kitzrow, Troy 608-261-5984
Integrated Background Information System (IBIS) Arkens, Laurie 920-448-5225
Intergenerational Programs Paepke, LuAnn 608-266-2965
Internal Audit Thornton, Lori 608-261-8308
International Health Tsering, Savriti 608-267-3733
Internet Updates (only DQA) Benesh, Chris 608-266-1718
Interpreter/Foreign Language Lopez, David 608-266-3465
Interstate Compact, DMHSAS Adult, Mental Health & DD Hanna, William 608-261-8342
Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP) Cooper, LeeAnn 608-266-2453
J-1 VISA Traici Brockman 608-267-1440
Laboratory Certification Rylander, Thomas 608-261-0654
Lead Abatement Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Lead Certification Bruce, Shelley 608-267-0928
Lead Free / Lead Safe Property Registry Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Lead Hazard Reduction Schirmer, Joe 608-266-5885
Lead Health Effects Coons, Margie 608-267-0473
Lead Inspection Schirmer, Joe 608-266-5885
Lead Investigators Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Lead Poisoning, Adult Tomasallo, Carrie D 608-267-4465
Lead Poisoning, Children Coons, Margie 608-267-0473
Lead Registry Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Lead Regulation Schirmer, Joe 608-266-5885
Lead Risk Assessment Schirmer, Joe 608-266-5885
Lead Testing, Adults Tomasallo, Carrie D 608-267-4465
Lead Testing, Children Coons, Margie 608-267-0473
Lead Training Classes Bruce, Shelley 608-267-0928
Lead Training Course Accreditation Bruce, Shelley 608-267-0928
Lead, Elevated Blood Lead Investigations Coons, Margie 608-267-0473
Lead, Exposure During Pregnancy Coons, Marjorie 608-267-0473
Lead, General Information Schirmer, Joe 608-266-5885
Lead, Schools Schirmer, Joe 608-266-5885
Lead-Safe Work Practices Johnson, Fred 608-266-1252
Lead-Safe Work Training Classes Bruce, Shelley 608-267-0928
Legislative Advisor/Legislative Issues Lgnatowski, Alex 608-266-0667
Lice, Head Haupt, Tom 608-266-5326
Life Line & Link-up Program Public Service Commission 800-225-7729 State Agency
Life Safety Code, Plan Review Kosarzycki, Henry 414-227-4951
Life Safety Code, Survey/Certification-Acute Kosarzycki, Henry 414-227-4951
Lifeguards Kaplanek, Jim 608-261-8361
Living Will Stephens, Annette (receptionist) 608-266-1251
Loan Forgiveness Brockman, Traici 608-267-1440
Lodging Inspections McRoberts, Reed 608-266-8282
Low Vision/Low Vision Services Low Vision Center 414-438-4888  
Lyme Disease Hoang Johnson, Diep (Zip) 608-267-9000
Mailroom Tiedeman, Vicki 608-266-1701
Mammography Quality Standards Act - MQSA Balke, Bill 608-267-4787
Managed Long-Term Care Kristan, Margaret 608-261-6393
Marquette University School of Dentistry Musial, Cynthia 608-267-3860
Marriage Licenses Biely, Rebecca 608-266-0330
Marriage Statistics Knapton, Joyce 608-267-7815
Maternal and Child Health Hale, Linda 608-267-7174
MCH Hotline -- Statewide Toll-free number Latton, Susan 1-800-722-2295
MDS Statistics Reeves, Tony 608-267-3325
MDS Technical Support Benesh, Chris 608-266-1718
MDS/OASIS Coordinator Benesh, Chris 608-266-1718
Measles Hopfensperger, Dan 608-266-1339
Media Contact (only BPTR) Allen, Joyce 608-266-1351
Media contact for DHS Smiley, Stephanie 608-266-5862
Medicaid Abuse/Fraud White, Alan 608-266-2521
Medicaid Abuse/Fraud White, Alan 608-266-2521
Medicaid Cards/Eligibility, Recipients Toll Free Number 1-800-362-3002  
Medicaid Fiscal Agent / Provider & Member Services HP 608-221-4746  
Medicaid Health Maintenance Organizations Program DHCAA 608-266-7894  
Medicaid Managed Care Makalah Wagner 266-9248 <Makalah.Wagner@d
Medicaid Managed Care Makalah Wagner 608 266-9248 <Makalah.Wagner@d
Medicaid, Estate Recovery Estate Recovery Section 608-264-6755  
Medicaid, HMOs & Managed Care Makalah Wagner 608-266-9248 <Makalah.Wagner@d
Medicaid, Administrative Rule Alfred Matano 608-267-6848
Medicaid, Complaints by Members Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Medicaid, Dental Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Medicaid, Enrollment Co. SS Office 608-221-5720  
Medicaid, Enrollment Contact Applicant's Agency    
Medicaid, Estate Recovery Estate Recovery Section 608-264-6755  
Medicaid, Foster Care Contact County/Regional Office    
Medicaid, General Toll Free Number 608-266-2522  
Medicaid, Lost Cards Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Medicaid, Member Relations Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Medicaid, Nursing Home Rate Setting Gottwald, Jane 715-836-3059
Medicaid, Provider Relations Medicaid Fiscal Agent 1-800-947-9627  
Medicaid, Provider Relations, All Counties Toll Free Number 1-800-947-9627  
Medicaid, Transplant / Experimental Procedures Dr. Lora Wiggins
Medical Examiner Information Biely, Rebecca 608-266-0330
Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Bayou, Billee 608-266-3558
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Consumer Affairs Boersma, Faith 608-261-6746
Mental Health Substance Abuse, Medicaid, Managed Care Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Mental Health Substance Abuse, Medicaid, Managed Care Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Mental Health, Block Grant & State Plans Stachoviak, Ryan 608-261-9316
Mental Health, Children & Adolescent Danforth, Marie 608-266-2861
Mental Health, Clinical Consultant for Children’s Services Danforth, Marie 608-266-2861
Mental Health, Consumer Relations Lampe, Lalena 608-266-2476
Mental Health, Criminal Justice Schmidt, Lila 608-266-1351
Mental Health, Crisis Intervention Munger, Brad 608-266-2754
Mental Health, Death Investigations Yeadon, Jim 608-266-5525
Mental Health, Elderly Bright, Kenya 608-267-9392
Mental Health, Evaluation Specialist Connor, Tim 608-261-6744
Mental Health, Family Initiative for Children Danforth, Marie 608-266-2861
Mental Health, Family Initiatives for Adults Bright, Kenya 608-267-9392
Mental Health, Finance & Planning Specialist Vacant    
Mental Health, Financing Allen, Joyce 608-266-1351
Mental Health, Institutes General Harris, Linda 608-267-7909
Mental Health, Medicaid Fee-for-Service Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Mental Health, Program Certification Hale, Mark 608-264-9894
Mercury Poisoning Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Meth Labs (Methamphetamine) Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Methadone Treatment Services Hiser, Tanya 608-267-7707
Minimum Data Set (MDS) - Technical Support Benesh, Chris 608-266-1718
Minority Health Program Cruz, Evelyn 608-261-9308
Mold Smith, Walt 608-266-2817
MRC Bayou, Billee 608-266-3558
Mumps Hopfensperger, Dan 608-266-1339
National Health Service Corps Traici Brockman 608-267-1440
Nitrates Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Northeastern Regional Office -Public Health (Green Bay) Culotta, Christopher D. 920-448-5220
Northeastern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living Lyons, Kathy 920-983-3191
Northeastern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care Magnant, Leona 920-983-3195
Northern Regional Office - Public Health (Rhinelander) Nimsgern, Angela 715-365-2700
Northern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care Radtke, Jessica 715-365-2801
Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Neurohr, Jacqueline 715-723-5542
Nurse Aide Registry Pearson Vue 877-329-8760
Nurse Aide Testing American Red Cross 866-257-5424
Nurse Aide Training Hintze, Cindy 608-261-8328
Nursing Home Licensing Hansen, Gail 608-266-2966
Nursing Home Reimbursement Gottwald, Jane 715-836-3059
Nutrition Hauser, Patti 608-266-3821
Nutrition - Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Helm-Quest, Peggy 608-267-2945
OASIS Statistics Reeves, Tony 608-267-3325
OASIS Technical Support Benesh, Chris 608-266-1718
Occupational Health Surveillance Tomasallo, Carrie D 608-267-4465
Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Millikin, Dan 608-284-8224
Office of Caregiver Quality, Division of Quality Assurance Arkens, Laurie 608-264-9876
Organ and Tissue Donor Program Mallon, Martha 608-261-6854
Organ Transplant Programs, Medicaid Dr. Lora Wiggins
Organizational Charts den Daas, Jennifer 608-266-0559
Outpatient Rehabilitation Services, Survey Bureau of Health Services 608-266-8481  
Overweight/Obesity Pesik, Mary 608-267-3694
PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Poole, Diane 608-266-0991
Partner Communication and Alerting (PCA Portal) Schwei, Matthew 608-266-6677 Matthew.Schwei@wisconsin@gov
Partnership Program, Wisconsin (WPP) Poole, Diane 608-266-0991
PASARR for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Zimmerman, Dan 608-266-7072
Payroll Ingwell, Colleen 608-267-9067
Payroll/Personnel Input Verification System (PIVS) (Department wide) Harker, Connie 608-266-1376
PBB’s, PCB’s, PCP Anderson, Henry 608-266-1253
Personal Care Agencies Imhof, Lisa 608-266-2702
Personnel Services (Department) Thompson, Scott 608-266-8999
Pertussis Hopfensperger, Dan 608-266-1339
Pesticides - Health Effects Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Pharmacy Englebert, Doug 608-266-5388
Physical Activity Morgan, Jon 608-266-9781
Physician Fee Assessment Klement, Kathryn 608-267-9490
PIVS - Payroll/Personnel Input Verification System Hagberg, Linda 608-266-1376
Plan Reviews of Health Care Facilities (Hospitals, Nursing Homes & CBRFs, FDDs) Office of Plan Review and Inspection 608-264-7748
Polio Hopfensperger, Dan 608-266-1339
Population Estimates Pearson, Karl T. 608-266-1920
Portable X-Ray Services Policy Balke, William 608-267-4787
Power of Attorney Stephens, Annette (receptionist) 608-266-1251
PRAMS (MCH contact) Kvale, Kate 608-267-3727
PRAMS (OHI Contact) Allison, Carlie 608-267-9545
Pre-term Babies Kruse, Terry 608-267-9662
Preparedness - Exercises, Training, Education, and Evaluation Kaczmarski, Brian 608 267-3319
Preparedness - Hospitals Strubel, Carolyn 608-267-0247
Preparedness - Infection Control Borlaug, Gwen 608-267-7711
Preparedness - Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Bayou, Billee 608-266-3558
Preparedness - Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Neuert, Don 608-266-3888
Preparedness - Volunteers Bayou, Billee 608-266-3558
Preparedness - Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR) Bayou, Billee 608-266-3558
Press Calls DHS Media Line 608-266-1683  
Prevention Block Grant Nimsgern, Angela 715-365-2721
Primary Care Cooperative Agreement Anne Dopp 608-267-7121 <Anne.Dopp@dhs.wiscons
Prion Diseases Kazmierczak, Jim 608-266-2154
Procurement - Vendors looking for information or refer to Vendornet (see URL under E-mail Address) Refer to DOA Procurement 608-266-2605
Program Certification, AODA & Mental Health Hale, Mark 608-264-9894
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Poole, Diane 608-266-0991
Provider Regulation Busse, Shari 608-266-7952
Public Assistance Collection Helpline (Tax Intercept help) 1-800-943-9499  
Public Health Main Line 608-266-1251
Public Health Council Whitmore, Kim 608-266-1348
Public Health Nutrition Hauser, Patti 608-266-3821
Public Health Preparedness Program Cordova, Joseph 608-267-9010
Public Health Workforce Development Program Cruz, Evelyn 608-261-9308
Purchases & Services Sommers Smith, Jacqueline 608-266-0509
Rabies Kazmierczak, Jim 608-266-2154
RADAR (Regional AODA Awareness Res. Network) Oppor, Lou 608-266-9485
Radioactive Materials, Licensing, Agreement Rogers, Cheryl 608-266-8135
Radioactive Waste/Radiological Health Schmidt, Paul 608-267-4792
Radiological Environmental Monitoring Hunt, Jason 608-266-9443
Radon Maloney, Jessica 608-267-7199
Records Management (Department) Mulder, Lois 608-266-8502
Recreational / Education Camps McRoberts, Reed 608-266-8282
Recruitment Issues den Daas, Jennifer 608-266-0559
Register of Deeds Information Biely, Rebecca 608-266-0330
Rehabilitation and Disability, Client Assistance Program Toll Free 1-800-362-1290  
Rehabilitation Certificate for Caregivers (CNA) Laubmeier, Judy 608-266-1900
Rehabilitation Services (Outpatient), Survey Bureau of Health Services 608-266-8481  
Rehabilitation Services for Blind/Low Vision Toll Free 1-888-879-0017  
Renal Disease, Chronic - Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program Customer Services 608-221-3701  
Residential Care Apartment Complexes, General Anderson, Colette 608-266-7463
Residential Services, Developmental Disabilities Brost, Marcie 608-266-9366
Restaurant Complaints / Inspections Mack, James 608-266-8351
Restaurant Licensing Braumann, Kathy 608-266-2835
Restrictive Measures Policy Propsom, Gail 608-267-5139
Risk Communication Kaplan, Beth 608-261-9303
Rooming Houses, Hotels, Motels & Tourist Licensing Kaplanek, Jim 608-261-8361
Rubella Hopfensperger, Dan 608-266-1339
Rural Health Brockman, Traici 608-267-1440
Rural Health Clinic Regulation Torgeson, Denise 608-266-7345
Sanitizers Kaplanek, Jim 608-261-8361
SCAODA Council Niemuth, Christine 608-261-7655
School Health Morgan, Jon 608-266-9781
School-based Sealant Program Kuester, Robbyn 608-266-0876
Self Directed Supports Waiver (IRIS) Brassfield, Jody 608-267-6774
SeniorCare Customer Service Hotline Toll free 1-800-657-2038  
Service Desk (HELP Desk) (see DHS IT Service Desk) 608-261-4400
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Haupt, Tom 608-266-5326
Sewer Gas Smith, Walt 608-266-2817
Sexual Misconduct by Doctor Dept. Regulation & Licensing 608-266-7482  
Sexual Violence Prevention LaFlash, Susan 608-261-6392
Sexually Transmitted Disease Wade, Anthony 608-266-2854
SNS (Strategic National Stockpile) Neuert, Don 608-266-3888
Soil - Chemical Contamination Nehls-Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Southeastern Regional Office - Public Health (Milwaukee) Pluymers, David 608-266-2757
Southeastern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living Farmer, Susan 414-227-4565
Southeastern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Resident Care Review Rucker, Carol Jean 414-227-4563
Southern Regional Office - Public Health (Madison) Pluymers, David 608-266-2757
Southern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living Peshek, Paul 608-266-8339
Southern Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Resident Care Review Virnig, Pat 608-266-8886
Southern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled Henkes, Jim 262-878-2411
Space & Leasing Clifton, Brenda 608-267-5227
Spills, Toxic Nehls- Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Spinal Cord Injury Johnson, Dan 608-267-9582
SSI Federal Helpline Toll Free Number 800-772-1213  
SSI State Helpline Toll Free Number 800-362-3002  
State Agency Performance Standards Coordinator DQA 608-266-8481  
State Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Millikin, Dan 608-284-8224
State Council on Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Oppor, Lou 608-266-9485
State Council on Physical Disabilities Johnson, Dan (608) 267-9582
State Health Officer McKeown, Karen 608-267-7828
State Health Plan Cruz, Evelyn 608-261-9308
State Opiod Treatment Authority Hiser, Tanya 608-267-7707
State Opiod Treatment Authority/Controlled Substance Specialist Hiser, Tanya 608-267-7707
State Plans, AODA Oppor, Lou 608-266-9485
State Plans, Medicaid Alfred Matano 608-267-6848
STD Wade, Anthony 608-266-2854
Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Neuert, Don 608-266-3888
Strategic Planning Freundlich, Kris 608-266-9240
Stroke Registry Baumann, Julie 608-267-7809
Substance Abuse Cooper, LeeAnn 608-266-2453
Substance Abuse Evaluation and Quality Improvement Quirke, Mike 608-266-7584
Substance Abuse Policy Development Oppor, Lou 608-266-9485
Substance Abuse Prevention Niemuth, Christine 608-261-7655
Substance Abuse, IDP/OWI Cooper, LeeAnn 608-266-2453
Substance Abuse, Medicaid Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Substance Abuse, Tribes/Intercultural Populations Oppor, Lou 608-266-9485
Substance Abuse, Women/Special Populations Jeffers, Bernestine 608-261-0651
Suicide Behavior Health Certification 608-261-0658  
Superfund Sites Nehls-Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Member Services 1-800-362-3002  
Survey/Certification (DQA) CLIA Mack, Angela 608-266-7485
Swimming Pools Kaplanek, Jim 608-261-8361
Tanning Devices Balke, Bill 608-267-4787
Tattoo McRoberts, Reed 608-266-8282
Tax Intercept Assistance Public Assistance Collection Unit 1-800-943-9499  
TB Will, Lorna 608-261-6387
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Kruse, Terry 608-267-9662
TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) Kocol, Kitty 608-267-9071
Telecommunications DHS Telecom
Timestudy (DMHSAS, DLTC, DES & OPIB) Bindl Zahorik, Lori 608-266-8584
TLC ~ Technology Learning Cener Grotsky, Jack 608-267-6783
Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Stauffer, Vicki 608-267-3823
Toxicology, General Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Toxics Monitoring - General Anderson, Henry 608-266-1253
TRAIN Bostock, Shirley 608-266-3451
Training ~ Technology Learning Center (TLC) Grotsky, Jack 608-267-6783
Training, Department Heisler, Linda 608-266-0844
Trash Burning Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Trauma Informed Care Hudson, Elizabeth 608-266-2771
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) New Program Approval Torgeson, Denise 608-266-7345
Tribal Affairs Rynearson, Dave 608-261-6728
Tuberculosis Will, Lorna 608-261-6387
Uniform Fee System Demaske, Dave 608-261-4946
Uninsured (and Health Insurance Coverage) Data Nohel, Audrey 608-267-0244
Union Contracts Billings, Jim 608-266-9929
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Fleischfresser, Sharon 608-266-3674
Vaccines Viney, Kami 608-267-9959
Vehicles Clifton, Brenda 608-267-5227
Vending Machines Kaplanek, Jim 608-261-8361
Ventilator Units, Patients on Torgeson, Denise 608-266-7345
Vermiculite Nehls-Lowe, Henry 608-266-3479
Visually Impaired (DLTC) Langham, Tom 414-302-2765
Vital Records, Customer Services/Record Search/Special Records Biely, Rebecca 608-266-0330
Vital Records, Records Conversion and Protection/Fraud Biely, Rebecca 608-266-0330
Volunteers - Preparedness Bayou, Billee 608-266-3558
Water - Chemical Contamination Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Waterparks Kaplanek, Jim 608-261-8361
WEAVR, Volunteer Registry Bayou, Billee 608-266-3558
Webcast, Adobe Connect Grotsky, Jack (608) 267-6783
Webcast, Mediasite Rabotski, Ed 608-261-8322
Website Manager Redington, Angela 608-266-9613
Well Contamination Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Well Woman Program Johnson, Gale 608-261-6872
Well Woman Program - Claims and Provider Payments Kaufman, Sharon 608-221-3846
West Nile Virus Hoang Johnson, Diep 608-267-9000
Western Regional Office - Public Health (Eau Claire) Ringhand, Tim 715-836-3944
Western Regional Office, Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care Radtke, Jessica 715-365-2801
Western Regional Office, Divison of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Assisted Living Gardner, Bill 715-836-4029
Whirlpools Kaplanek, Jim 608-261-8361
Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Hopfensperger, Dan 608-266-1339
WI-TRAIN Bostock, Shirley 608-266-3451
WIC (Women-Infants-Children) Nutrition Program Hauser, Patti 608-266-3821
Winnebago Mental Health Institute Speech, Thomas 920-235-4910 Thomas.Speech@Wi.Gov
Wisconsin Alliance for Youth Oppor, Lou 608-266-9485
Wisconsin Chronic Disease Program Customer Services 608-221-3701  
Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR) Bayou, Billee 608-266-3558
Wisconsin Immunization Registry Verdon, Matthew 608-261-4948
Wisconsin Partnership Program (WPP) Poole, Diane 608-266-0991
Wisconsin Wins (WI WINS) Michaud, Nancy 608-266-0181
Wise Woman - Cardiovascular Health Johnson, Gale 608-261-6872
WISH (Wisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health) Miller, Richard E. 608-267-3858
WisLoan Lincoln, Sarah 608-266-7974
WISTECH Lincoln, Sarah 608-266-7974
Women-Infants-Children (WIC) Nutrition Program Hauser, Patti 608-266-3821
Women-Infants-Children (WIC) Vendor Applications Diedrich, Jean 608-261-9438
Women-Infants-Children (WIC) Vendor Fraud Coenen, Carrie 608-267-9744
Women’s Health Jones, Millie 608-266-2684
Wood Boilers, Outdoor Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
Wood, Treated Thiboldeaux, Rob 608-267-6844
X-Ray Exposure - Medical Anderson, Henry 608-266-1253
X-Ray Registration - Inspection Balke, William 608-267-4787
Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS) Glysch, Randy 608-266-9708