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Device Reutilization

Device Reutilization is the refurbishment, recycling and/or repair of assistive technology devices. 

The IndependenceFirst Mobility Store (exit DHS) contracts with WisTech to provide recycled, repaired and cleaned wheelchairs, mobility devices and other durable medical equipment such as hospital beds, lifts and bath equipment, for a nominal fee. 

The IndependenceFirst Mobility Store (formerly called the Wheelchair Recycling Program, or WRP) was a recipient of the 2006 Community Partnership Award from the Mutual of America Foundation (exit DHS). The program was recognized for its important work in the community and its partnerships with the Department of Corrections and Wisconsin's Independent Living Centers. In 2012, the WRP was acquired by the Independent Living Center IndependenceFirst and its name was changed to The IndependenceFirst Mobility Store.  

Recycled equipment is low-cost alternative to new equipment for anyone, but it provides a unique opportunity to acquire equipment for people who need back-up equipment and who are not covered by Medicaid, Medicare or another insurance program. 

The IndependenceFirst Mobility Store maintains an online inventory of equipment at and operates storefronts in Madison and Milwaukee. The program will work with independent living centers, Aging and Disability Resource Centers and county human services and aging offices to make equipment available to consumers.

Device Reutilization is one of the State Level activities funded through the AT Act of 1998, as amended.

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Last Revised: January 13, 2014