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Other Shared Forms/Publications

This list contains forms that DHS shares with the Department of Workforce Development  (DWD) and are published on DWD's web.  Some forms require a DWD Workweb password.

  • Back-Up Applicant/Participant Signature - DWSP-11154, (English, Hmong, Spanish)* (exit DHS), PDF
  • Client Voluntarily Declining Aid - DWSP-2233, (English, Hmong, Spanish)* (exit DHS), PDF
  • Consent of Disclosure - DWD-9488, (English)* (exit DHS),
  • Good Cause Claim - DWSP-2019, (English)* (exit DHS), PDF
  • Good Cause Notice - DWSP-2018, (English, Hmong, Spanish)* (exit DHS), PDF
  • Medical Examination & Capacity Form - DWSW-2012, (English)* (exit DHS), PDF
  • Notice of Assignment - DWSP-2477, (English, Hmong, Spanish) * (exit DHS), PDF
  • Referral To Child Support - DWSW-3080, (English) * (exit DHS), PDF
  • Request for Verification - DWSP-2303, (English, Hmong, Spanish)* (exit DHS), PDF
  • What to Bring With You - DWSP-2372-1, (English) * (exit DHS), PDF

If the DWD form/publication you need is not found above, click on the link below.

Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Forms* (exit DHS)

Department of Children and Families (DCF) Forms* (exit DHS)


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Last Revised: June 17, 2014