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Advance Directives - Living Will, Power of Attorney

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has advance directive forms available online. These forms are designed to be completed without the assistance of an attorney. Given your particular circumstances or concerns, however, you may want to seek legal advice from an attorney. The forms available are:

  • Declaration to Physicians (Wisconsin Living Will)
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Power of Attorney for Finance and Property 
  • Authorization for Final Disposition

Copies of the forms may be obtained either by:

Power of Attorney 
Division of Public Health
PO Box 2659
Madison, WI 53701-2659 
  • These forms, or variations of these forms, may also be available from your attorney, physician or hospital.
  • Multi-language versions of the Advance Directive and Power of Attorney for Health Care may be obtained by the following source: Aging with Dignity(exit DHS)
  • Additional information about advance directives is available in the Consumer Guide to Health Care.


Printing Advance Directive forms from the Internet

If printing these forms from the internet, please ensure that you print and complete all pages of the forms you are using. To be valid, the forms must be complete and signed. The Declaration to Physicians (Living Will) and the Power of Attorney for Health Care have accompanying letters that are not part of the legal forms, but contain information that should be read prior to completing the forms.

The forms you are about to open contain standardized wording specified in the Wisconsin Statutes. If these forms are filled out and signed correctly, the completed forms are presumed to be valid in the State of Wisconsin. Do not change the pre-printed wording of the forms unless instructions for the forms indicate you may do so. Changing the forms contrary to their instructions may invalidate the completed forms. If the forms are not sufficient for your needs, consult an attorney.

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Last Revised:  September 11, 2014