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Insurance If You Run a Small Business

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General information

According to the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI), Wisconsin small employers are not required by law to offer health care benefits; however, many do offer employee health benefits so they can attract and keep good employees.

Health Insurance for Small Employers and Their Employees: This OCI guide provides information on the Small Employer Health Insurance Law and contains listings of insurers offering coverage to small businesses, with monthly new business premium rates for three hypothetical groups.

Working with an agent

If you are trying to decide whether to work with an insurance agent or to contact the insurance companies directly, keep in mind that some insurance companies only work through agents/brokers while some agents only offer insurance for one or two insurance companies.

More information from the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance

Health spending accounts

There are several types of accounts that employers can provide to their employees to help pay for health care expenses not covered by a health plan. These include Flexible Spending Accounts, Medical Savings Accounts, and Health Reimbursement Arrangements. Information on these types of accounts is available.

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Last Revised: March 27, 2013