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Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition Partners and Professional Resources

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Listed below are physical activity and nutrition resources for coalitions and organizations as well as information about known coalitions in Wisconsin.

Program Materials, Toolkits and Resources

Select this option to see a list of program materials and toolkits.  If you are looking for materials for a specific setting (childcare, schools, etc.) use the setting navigation in the left margin.


List of Trainings and Archived Webinars

Coalition Information

  • List of Coalitions

  • Coalition Websites

  • Coalition Annual Survey Results

Strategic Planning 

  • Overview of Planning Process

  • Social Marketing

  • Keys to Strategic Planning and Intervention Planning

  • Planning Tools and Examples

Coalition Building
  • Coalition Self-Assessment Tool

  • Asset Mapping

  • General Resources

  • Coalition Infrastructure Resources

  • Coalition Function Resources

  • Training Resources

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