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Approved CBRF Training Program

On April 1, 2009, the Department implemented the revised Wisconsin Administrative Code, ch. DHS 83, licensing standards and regulations for community-based residential facilities (CBRFs). Minimum training requirements for CBRF personnel changed substantially with a delayed implementation date of April 1, 2010, for all current department-approved CBRF training plans and approved trainers as indicated in s. DHS 83.20, Wis. Admin. Code:

DHS 83.20 Department -approved training. (1) APPROVED TRAINING. (a) Training for standard precautions, fire safety, first aid and choking, and medication administration and management shall be approved by the department or designee and shall be provided by trainers approved by the department or designee. Approvals for training plans and trainers for standard precautions, fire safety, first aid and choking, and medication administration and management issued before April 1, 2009, shall expire April 1, 2010.

The Department established an interagency agreement with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Center for Career Development (CCDET) and designated the UW Oshkosh to develop the curriculum for CBRF training programs, coordinate the approval of qualified trainers, and maintain public directories for approved programs, instructors, and trainees.

The Division of Quality Assurance is happy to announce that UW Oshkosh has developed the department-approved curriculum and has finalized the web based application process for CBRF trainers. Anyone who wishes to be a CBRF trainer for Standard Precautions, Medication Administration and Management, Fire Safety, and First Aid and Choking after March 31, 2010, must be approved and follow the requirements found on the following link: CBRF Training and Registry Services 

UW Oshkosh has 15 business days to process applications.

All approvals previously issued to CBRF trainers and training programs are null and void after March 31, 2010. For employees who received department-approved training prior to April 1, 2010, those department-approved CBRF training can be found at: Previously Approved CBRF Training Programs


Last Updated: August 13, 2014