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Health Statistics

Health Statistics A-Z | Alcohol/Drug Use | Cancer | Data Queries (WISH) | Health Insurance Status | Health Surveys | Local Data | Minority Health | Population Estimates | Tracking the State Health Plan | Vital Statistics | Contact Us

Note:  Reports and other information available from this page are from the Office of Health Informatics or its predecessors. Other Division of Public Health programs also produce statistical reports, which may be accessed by selecting the individual program name in the Public Health list of programs.

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Health Statistics A-Z  - An alphabetical listing of online information related to collecting and reporting health statistics in Wisconsin.

Alcohol/Drug Use - Information on the consumption and consequences of alcohol and other drugs in Wisconsin for use in designing and targeting programs.

Cancer - Reports on cancer incidence and mortality; summary tables on cancer incidence, death and screening; resources for cancer case reporters; Cancer Reporting System background information.

Data Queries (WISH) - Statistical data tailored to your specifications from a variety of databases, such as birth, death, population, injury, cancer, and behavioral risk factor survey data.

Health Insurance Status - Estimates of the number and percent without health insurance; current insurance status and insurance status over the past year; and kinds of health insurance coverage (public and private).

Health Surveys - Behavioral Risk Factor Survey estimates of risk factors (such as smoking) and use of preventive health screening (such as mammograms) among adults. Family Health Survey estimates of health status, chronic disease prevalence, activity limitations, and other factors related to health among Wisconsin people of all ages.

Local Data - Health information for counties, cities, and regions in Wisconsin:

Minority Health - Statistics and other information about the health of African American, American Indian, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino populations in Wisconsin.

Population Estimates - Wisconsin population numbers by age and sex, for counties, regions and the state as a whole.

Tracking the State Health Plan 2010 - State-level data on indicators that track progress toward meeting objectives for implementing Wisconsin's state health plan, Healthiest Wisconsin 2010.

Vital Statistics - Births and infant deaths; deaths; life expectancy; marriages and divorces; domestic partnerships; induced abortions.

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Last Revised:  June 30, 2014