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WISH Query
Female Breast Cancer Incidence by Stage at Diagnosis

(Revised February 2014)

This query focuses on female breast cancer incidence by stage at diagnosis. While the stage query provides cancer invasive stage data for all sites, this query additionally provides in situ stage data for female breast cancer.

See Technical Notes, for explanation of revisions to incidence data.

Step 1. Select a Measure

If you submit your request for a table at this point, you will see results for Wisconsin statewide for the latest available data year (2011).


Step 2. Choose One or More Geographic Areas
You can ask for data for the entire state of Wisconsin or for smaller geographic areas. All locations refer to place of residence. Race subpopulations are available only when Wisconsin statewide is checked.

Wisconsin statewide: Includes resident cases from all areas. (This is the default option.)
Region: Click on the "Region" button. To select a specific region, click on that region. To select multiple regions, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click on the desired regions for the query.
County: Click on the "County" button. To select a specific county, click on that county. To select multiple counties, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click on the desired counties for the query.

Note: To see results for individual areas, first select the areas of interest here, then choose "Geographic Area" as a ROW variable in Step 5 below.



Step 3. Choose One or More Years
You can choose to see data for the latest available year (2011). Or you can choose to see one or more single years, or one group of years. Note: If you are requesting data for a small population, region or county, years are grouped in five or ten year intervals. WISH cancer module queries suppress (by replacing the number with an "X") at least two cells when one or more cell value is less than 6. This complies with data privacy guidelines. A period (.) indicates the cell has zero cases. If all cells in a row or column are zero, that row or column will not be displayed in the table.

One or more years: Click on a year, or hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click on multiple years.

Note: To see results for a series of years, first select the years of interest here, then choose "Years" as a ROW variable in Step 5 below.




Step 4. Choose a Race Group (Optional)
You can choose from the race groups below when geographic area is set to Wisconsin statewide. Only "All" is available for other geographic areas.



Last Revised:  February 14, 2014