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Breastfeeding Resources

Breastfeeding Education Cards

A set of 15 single-concept breastfeeding education cards were developed by the Wisconsin WIC Program.  

Breastfeeding-Friendly Child Care Centers  

A ten-step resource kit to assist child care providers and community groups to implement strategies to promote, protect and support breastfeeding women. The kit includes a self-appraisal tool and information and resources for planning and implementing action plans based on the ten steps. Child care staff can earn continuing education units. (PDF, 944 KB)

Wisconsin WIC Breast Pump Program (PDF, 1 MB)

This one-page fact sheet explains what hospitals need to know about the Wisconsin WIC Breast Pump Program, such as, who is eligible for a pump, what kinds of pumps are available, how long it takes to get a pump, and whom to contact.

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