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Staff Directory

Jennifer Ullsvik, Section Chief, Emergency Health Care and Preparedness Section
(608) 267-7178, 

Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program

Carolyn Strubel, Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program Manager
(608) 267-0247,

Vacant, Hospital Preparedness Program Coordinator

Vacant, Hospital Preparedness Budget Analyst

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program

Lisa Pentony, Public Health Preparedness Unit Supervisor
(608) 267-3319,

Billee L. Bayou, WEAVR Administrator and WI Medical Reserve Corps Units Coordinator 
(608) 266-3558,

Shirley Bostock, Emergency Response and Alerting Systems Coordinator
(608) 266-3451,  

Joe Cordova, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program Manager
(608) 267-9010, 

Jan Devore, Emergency Human Services Coordinator
(608) 264-6303, 

Dee Dee Downie, MPH, CDC Public Health Advisor
(608) 267-2887,

Brian Kaczmarski, Training and Exercise Coordinator
(608) 267-3319,

Lisa Kelly, Public Health Program Liaison
(608) 267-3819,

Don Neuert, Emergency Response Coordinator
(608) 266-3888, 

Matt Schwei, Preparedness Epidemiologist
(608) 266-6677, 

Kristen Audet, Health Emergency Communication Lead
(608) 267-6833,

Last Revised: July 18, 2013