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Administering & Auditing Government Funding

The Department of Health Services (DHS) contracts with counties, tribes, school districts, boards, and a number of non-profit organizations for the administration of the department's programs.  These contracts require these agencies to follow the department's administration and auditing requirements in the Financial Management Manual.  Audits of these agencies and department programs are to be conducted by certified public accountants and accounting firms in accordance with federal and state audit requirements.

This web site provides information for agencies and auditors on DHS requirements for administering and auditing government funding.

Contract Administration

Auditing Government Funding

DHS Funding and Audit Confirmations

  • Community Aids Reporting System (CARS) The CARS 603 report serves as audit confirmations for DHS programs that are paid through CARS. Please refer to the CARS web page for retrieving the CARS 603 report. In addition, this page has lists that crosswalk CARS profiles to the respective federal and state funding sources. All questions about CARS should be referred to the CARS staff contacts listed on that page.
  • Purchase orders - Complete the Audit Confirmation Request Form and follow the instructions on the form for sending it to the department. The department will confirm the amount of payments and provide information on funding source for the payments. Call the number listed on the form if you have questions.

    Audit Confirmation Request Form (Word, 77KB)
    Audit Confirmation Request Form (PDF, 15KB)


News from DHS Auditors

We have created a new listserv for agencies and auditors to receive guidance updates and other audit-related news alerts.  This is a one-way listserv that does not allow members to respond to any of the messages they receive from it.  If you would like to be a part of the listserv, please enter your email address and name (optional) and click on the subscribe button below.  Should you no longer wish to be a member, an option to unsubscribe will be provided in each message you receive from the listserv.

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Last Revised: January 28, 2013