Community Aids Reporting System (CARS)

What is CARS?

CARS is the system for processing contracts and reimbursing expenses for local agencies. The system calculates about 600 non-county aid checks and grant-in-aid payments for over 280 state/county contracts each month. The system includes Human Services (HS), County Departments of Social Services (DSS) and 51 Board contracts, State Agencies, municipalities, non-municipalities and Income Maintenance (IM) contracts. The system records all expenditures from the county and non-county providers. It calculates amounts due and adjustments back to the State. It also generates reports for providers and counties under contract with the State.

6-Digit Profile Renumbering:  Cross-Walk Document (PDF, 121 KB), Memo to Vendors (PDF, 52 KB)

Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment or Changes (PDF, 21 KB)

CARS Reports / CARS System Messages

CARS Expense Report (Excel, 18 KB) , Memo and Contract Amendment dated March 14, 2013 (PDF, 110 KB)

How CARS Payments Work (PDF, 13 KB)

How to Read the DES-CARS 603 Report (PDF, 450 KB)

How to Read the DES-CARS 620 Contract Summary Report (PDF, 186 KB)

Human Services/Income Maintenance CARS Manual

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If you have any questions or need additional funding information, please contact the Bureau of Fiscal Services, CARS Unit.

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Last Revised: March 2, 2015