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New Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 Baseline and Health Disparities Report (February 2014): Baseline data by topic for the HW2020 focus areas, and documentation of health disparities in Wisconsin populations and communities.

New Health disparities - Crosscutting focus area profile (exit DHS; PDF, 362 KB)

Social, economic, and educational factors that influence health - Crosscutting focus area profile (exit DHS; PDF, 556 KB)

A User's Guide to Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 (October 2013) (PDF, 396 KB)

Healthiest Wisconsin 2020: An Invitation (fact sheet) (May 2013) (PDF, 318 KB)

Partners in Prevention: Roles You Can Play (fact sheet) (May 2013) (PDF, 375 KB)

HW2020 Collaborative Leadership (slide presentation) (May 2013) (PDF, 1,053 KB)

HW2020 Collaborative Leadership Supplement (publication) (May 2013) (PDF, 280 KB)

HW2020 Focus Areas and Objectives (brochure) (April 2012) (PDF, 122 KB). For optimal printing, use a color printer and select "Landscape" orientation, "Legal" paper size, and "Two-sided" print.

Endorse HW2020 and become engaged (revised June 2011) (Word fillable, 149 KB)

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Healthiest Wisconsin 2020: Everyone Living Better, Longer represents the third decade of statewide community health improvement planning designed to benefit the health of everyone in Wisconsin and the communities in which we live, play, work, and learn.

Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 declares a bold vision, "Everyone living better, longer." This vision reflects the plan’s twin goals:

  • Improve health across the life span
  • Eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity

The plan’s mission is to assure conditions in which people can be healthy, and members of healthy, safe, and resilient families and communities.

Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 represents the fulfillment of Wisconsin Statutes section 250.07(1)(a), which requires the Department to produce a public health agenda for the people of Wisconsin at least every 10 years. Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 represents both a product – a state health plan – and an ongoing process using science, quality improvement, partnerships, and large-scale community engagement. More than 1,500 people from all walks of life gave of their time to advise, create, and engage in the development of this plan.

It took a community of partners to create this plan, and it will take many more to implement it over the decade.

For more information contact:

Division of Public Health
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
P.O. Box 2659
Madison, WI 53701-2659

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