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The Public Immunization Record Access feature allows individuals, parents, or legal guardians to look up their, or their child's, immunization record in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR). Many individuals in Wisconsin receive immunizations from more than one provider. Without access to a the immunization information, it can be difficult to know which vaccine you or your child needs at any particular time.

After selecting a link below, a screen will appear that will require you to enter a first name, last name, birth date and either a social security number, Medicaid ID, or provider chart number. If your immunization provider is using the registry and has entered a social security number, Medicaid ID, or chart number, you will be able to access the record.

Public Immunization Record Access

English - Public Immunization Record Access
Spanish - Acceso Publico del Registro de Inmunización
Hmong - Tshawb Nrhiav Txog Kev Txhaj Tshuaj Cov Ntaub Ntawv

WIR - Parent Brochure

English - WIR - Parent brochure P-42154  
Spanish - Folleto de WIR para Padres de Familia P-42154S  
Hmong - WIR - Niam Thiab Txiv Phau Me Nyuam Ntawv P-42154H 

Health care providers can order the parent brochures through the DHS forms center. The form number is required when ordering. This is the P number listed after the brochure name (above).


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