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Site Specific Community Resource: Gardening Initiatives

Listed below are information and references to address physical activity and nutrition in specific sites or settings within the community setting.

Got Dirt Got Dirt

Never gardened? The Got Dirt? Garden toolkit is designed to provide simple, step-by-step plans for starting a garden. Even better…tips from garden experts and garden success stories from around Wisconsin are also included. 

Got Veggies Got Veggies

Got Veggies? is a garden-based nutrition education curriculum created with the goal of getting children to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Got Veggies? features seven full lesson plans that are aligned with Wisconsin's Model Academic Standards for Nutrition, Health, Science, and other related subjects.


Cultivating Childhood Wellness through Gardening - This online video training was developed by Wisconsin Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Program and Community GroundWorks in partnership with UW-Extension, Life Lab, Wisconsin Obesity Prevention Network, UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, and UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.
Ch. 1 - Introduction Ch. 2 - Planning Ch. 3 - Growing Food Ch. 4 - Color Harvest
Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1 offers a brief introduction and rationale for school gardens (19:58). 

Chapter 2 - Planning and Establishing Your Youth Garden

Chapter 2 leads viewers through the considerations and practical steps needed to plan and build a garden from the ground up (11:23)

Chapter 3 - Growing Food

with Kids

Chapter 3 offers a detailed look at how to actually grow food in your garden during the growing season - from choosing and starting seeds, to transplanting and watering, to managing pests and harvesting your bounty (13:38). 

Chapter 4 - The Color Harvest: A Comparative Tasting Lesson

Chapter 4 highlights a lesson plan that considers nutrition and helps students expand their palates (9:17). 

Ch. 5 - Roots Lesson Plan Ch. 6 - Garden Based Activities Ch. 7 - Culinary Arts in the Kitchen wisconsin school garden initiative logo

Learn more about school garden activities happening across the state by visiting the Wisconsin School Garden Initiative website. (Exit DHS)

Chapter 5 - Roots Lesson Plan

Chapter 5 describes a lesson plan that gives children a chance to explore plant growth through root development (5:52). 

Chapter 6 - Garden-Based Activities   

Chapter 6 presents a wide range of garden-based activities that you can employ to let students experience the garden space to the fullest, from digging to wheelbarrow races, and from plant braiding to rousing games of “Name that Veggie” (5:35). 

Chapter 7 - Culinary Arts

in the Garden  

Chapter 7 offers a guide to culinary arts in the garden, describing supplies and recipes that make use of fresh garden produce (7:09). 



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