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Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity

Save the Date! Thursday, July 11—"Partnership to Address Childhood Obesity" webinar

The Chronic Disease Prevention Program (CDPP) within the Department of Health Services (DHS) is working with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to address childhood obesity in Wisconsin. We seek to partner with a clinic, health department, or community organization that is interested and has the capacity and community support to plan and implement a CDC-recognized Family Healthy Weight Program (FHWP) that will reach priority populations. These evidenced-based programs have been shown to improve the health and wellness of children and their families with overweight and obesity issues by providing the skills and tools they need to develop and practice healthy habits long-term. View more information about CDC-recognized programs.

Is addressing childhood obesity using a CDC-recognized FHWP of interest to you and your community? Register to attend the “Partnership Opportunity-Addressing Childhood Obesity” webinar on Thursday, July 11, 2024, from 10–11 a.m. to learn more.

Register to attend the webinar

Our Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Program leads our state’s efforts to:

  • Prevent and decrease overweight and obesity.
  • Increase physical activity.
  • Improve nutrition.

Our program works with partners to prevent obesity and chronic disease throughout the state. We developed the Wisconsin Physical Activity and Nutrition Road Map, P-03170 (PDF). This guide supports community efforts to create healthier places and spaces that center equity and promote good health.

Learn more about our Road Map

National Nutrition Month Proclamation

Governor Tony Evers proclaimed March 2023 as Wisconsin National Nutrition Month to bring attention to the powerful role that nutrition plays in the health of Wisconsin families. View the March 2023 National Nutrition Month Proclamation (PDF).

DHS is working tirelessly to decrease hunger in Wisconsin through programs, such as the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, the Elder Nutrition Program, FoodShare, SNAP-ED, The Emergency Food Assistance Program, WIC, Senior and WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program, the Chronic Disease Prevention Program, and the Maternal and Child Health Program.

Five out of Ten People

Little more than 5 out of 10 Wisconsin adults meet the physical activity recommendation of at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week.

SOURCE: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2011-13.

1 of 6 apples

Only 1 out of 6 adults meet the recommended consumption of the five or more fruits and vegetables a day.

SOURCE: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2015.

Chronic Disease Prevention Program

The Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Program is part of our larger effort to prevent chronic diseases. We provide resources that can be used locally in a variety of settings. Through materials and training workshops, our program focuses on changes that will provide access and chances for people to eat well and be active.

The program also coordinates with other partners to make a greater impact. Partners include other state agencies, key statewide organizations, and local coalitions.

Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Program

Road Map

Wisconsin’s Road Map includes strategies related to:

  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Breastfeeding

Information by setting

No matter where you live or work, we want to support your efforts. We offer tools that can be used in many different settings. Follow these links for specific resources:

Information by topic

Reach out to our Chronic Disease Prevention Program Contacts

Find these tools useful? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us hear from you! We appreciate your feedback on the resources we offer. We’re here to help, so let us know what you need


Last revised June 3, 2024