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Milwaukee/Southeastern Region
Division of Public Health

Staff List

819 N. 6th Street, Room 609-A, Milwaukee, WI  53203-1697
Phone: 414-227-4860    FAX: 414-227-2010
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Email Address

Angela Nimsgern, Acting Regional Director 715-365-2721  
Marilyn Bolton, Public Health Nutritionist 414-227-5042
Cathy Edwards, Public Health Educator, 
Immunization Program

W. Curtis Marshall, Public Health Educator

Deborah Pasha James, PH Nursing Consultant 414-227-4775
Vacant, Public Health Nutritionist 414-227-4795  
Eloise Russ, Regional Office Operations Associate 414-227-3902

Jacqueline Sills Ware, Public Health Educator


Karen Stewart, Vaccines for Children (VFC) Site Monitor, Immunization Program


Dan Cash, WIC IT Business Manager

Jodi Klement, Milwaukee County WIC Nutritionist 414-227-4918
Ann White, Milwaukee County WIC Director 414-227-4919

Public Health Inspectors can now be reached through

Food Safety & Recreational Licensing (PDF, 186 KB)

Phone: 608-266-2835   Fax: 608-267-3241

Mailing Address:
Division of Public Health
Food Safety and Recreational Licensing
PO Box 2659
Madison  WI 53701-2659

Local Address:
1 West Wilson Street, Room 150, Madison, Wisconsin

If you have any questions, e-mail Jamie LaBrasca, Northern Regional Office at 

Regional Office Staff Lists


Last Revised:  August 12, 2014