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Notice to  Employees  (PDF, 32 KB)

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Wisconsin Regulatory Guides (WISREGs)

WISREGs provide guidance on completing a Radioactive Material License Application or implementing a radiation protection program.

(For application guidance WISREGS go to Licenses - New or Renewal)

WISREG 8.13 P-45024 (PDF, 30 KB) 
'Instruction Concerning Prenatal Radiation Exposure'

WISREG 8.29 P-45028 (PDF, 66 KB) 
'Risks From Occupational Radiation Exposure'

WISREG 1556 Vol. 1 P-45025 Revision 2 (PDF, 1.8 MB) 
'Guidance for Portable Gauges or XRF Devices'

WISREG 1556 Vol. 2P-45045 Revision 2 (PDF, 5.1 MB) 
'Guidance for Industrial Radiography Use'

WISREG 1556 Vol. 4 P-45038 Revision 1 (PDF, 5.6 MB) 
'Guidance for Fixed Gauge Devices'

WISREG 1556 Vol. 5 P-45048 (PDF, 835 KB) 
'Guidance for Self-Shielded Irradiators'

WISREG 1556 Vol. 7 P-45046 (PDF, 6.3, MB)
'Guidance for Academic, Research and Development, and Other Licenses of Limited Scope'

WISREG 1556 Vol. 9 P-45041 Revision 2 (PDF, 6.3 MB)
'Guidance for Medical Use of Radioactive Material'

WISREG 1556 Vol. 11 P-45047 (PDF, 2.7 MB)
'Guidance for Licenses of Broad Scope'

WISREG 1556 Vol. 13 P-45044  Revision 1 (PDF, 571 KB)
'Guidance for Radiopharmacy'

WISREG 1556 Vol. 21 P-45050 (PDF, 3.4 MB)
'Guidance for Uses of Sealed Sources'

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Last Revised:  December 05, 2013