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Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs) -- Introduction

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For questions regarding community based residential facilities, you may E-mail the Division of Quality Assurance, attention Bureau of Assisted Living.

COMMUNITY BASED RESIDENTIAL FACILITY: A place where 5 or more unrelated people live together in a community setting. Services provided include room and board, supervision, support services, and may include up to 3 hours of nursing care per week.

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DHS 83 Industry Training - Modules 1 - 4:

Module 1  PowerPoint - Module 1 (PDF, 90 KB)

Module 2  PowerPoint - Module 2  (PDF, 95 KB) 

Module 3  PowerPoint - Module 3 (PDF, 67 KB)

Module 4  PowerPoint - Module 4 (PDF, 101 KB)


Navigation Links to CBRF Information:

Rules_&_Regulations -- Definition and sources

Forms -- For community based residential facilities

Providers -- Information and statistics about Wisconsin community based residential facilities

Contacts -- State of Wisconsin staff to call regarding community based residential facilities

Publications -- Memos and other items available from the State of Wisconsin

Related Sites -- Internet links of interest to CBRF providers and residents and their families

Last Updated: August 13, 2014