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Wisconsin QUEST Card

Your Wisconsin QUEST card is a safe and easy way to use your FoodShare benefits. Your QUEST card can be used to buy groceries, at swipe card terminals at stores taking part in FoodShare. It is a plastic debit card with your name, card number and the Wisconsin QUEST logo on it. Each month your benefits will be added to your QUEST card account automatically.

General Information

  • QUEST Card - Using Your QUEST Card
  • Informational video about your QUEST card and how to use it.
  • Card Images
  • The FoodShare Handbook is online. It is written primarily for Income Maintenance workers, but is available to the public.
  • Quest Card Customer Service 1-877-415-5164
    • General information about your QUEST card
    • If you did not get a QUEST card
    • To report a lost, stolen or damaged QUEST card
    • Replace your QUEST card
    • To get your QUEST  card account balance

Retail Information

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Last Revised: August 01, 2014