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HIV/AIDS Surveillance Webinar
The following are links to a five-part archived surveillance webinar featuring the Wisconsin Department of Health Services HIV/AIDS Surveillance Annual Review: New Diagnoses, Prevalent Cases and Deaths through December 31, 2013. (Adobe Reader« 9.0 or newer is required.)

Data concepts, 2013 (Exit DHS) (7 minutes)
Section 1: Quiz and Background and Overview of HIV cases in Wisconsin, 2013 (Exit DHS) (8 minutes)
Section 2: New Diagnoses in Wisconsin, 2013 (Exit DHS) (14 minutes)
Section 3: Prevalent Cases, Deaths, and Answers to the Quiz (Exit DHS) (13 minutes)
Section 4: Addendum: City of MilwaukeeŚNew Diagnoses, Prevalent Cases, HIV Testing and Syphilis/HIV Co-infections (Exit DHS) (8 minutes)

 City of Milwaukee HIV Surveillance Reports

Special Reports and Presentations

Select Analyses of Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Surveys

 Youth Risk Behavior Survey and Sexual Minority Youth in Wisconsin 2007-2011

Full Report Presentation 

Wisconsin Sexually Transmitted Diseases Program Reports 

Wisconsin HIV/AIDS Strategy (Exit DHS)

Healthiest Wisconsin 2020

Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 Baseline and Health Disparities Report

Link to CDC National Statistics and Reports

Link to Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program Notes

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