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Wisconsin Ambulance Run Data System (WARDS)

Features and Benefits | Obtaining Access | Aggregate Reports
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The Wisconsin Division of Public Health has a secure, web-based reporting system called the Wisconsin Ambulance Run Data System (WARDS).  Ambulance service providers are able to enter and submit their ambulance run information electronically via the internet.  This web-based program is available at no charge to Wisconsin ambulance service providers.

The program provides each ambulance service with the following: 

  • Ambulance run reporting 
    • Can be customized for each service 
    • Printable run reports 
  • Over 100 pre-programmed quality assurance and/or quality improvement reports 
  • Ad-hoc reporting 
  • An internal service-wide email system 
  • A website for each ambulance service provider to customize 

Other data collection programs that ambulance service providers may be using are able to interface with WARDS, allowing services to continue to use those programs.  The only requirement is for the program to create an XML file for uploading to WARDS.

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Features/Benefits of WARDS

  • WARDS is easy to use. 
  • A printable report takes the place of the ambulance run report. 
  • Data available to the service will be current. 
  • Continuous quality improvement functions are included in the programming. 
  • Service information is available at the manager's fingertips for annual reports, budget requests, training records, and other measures of performance. 
  • System can help find spikes in symptoms and allow for investigation and early identification of possible disease outbreaks.
  • System will assist in identifying interventions that work best for patients by comparing interventions used under different conditions against the patient outcome.

Software for ambulance service providers that prefer to use a laptop computer or a tablet system is available at a reduced cost from the same vendor that hosts the WARDS system.

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Obtain Access to WARDS

WARDS (exit DHS) is a secure web-based system, and therefore a User ID and password are required to access the system. All licensed personnel are given an account in WARDS when their Local Credential Agreement (LCA) for a service is approved. For new users, be sure to try the same User Name and Password used in your E-Licensing account.  Otherwise, please contact your Service Director first.  If questions still exist please have your Service Director contact either Chuck Happel at (608) 266-0471 or by email at or Paul Wittkamp at (608) 261-9306 or by email at If you are requesting Hospital Access Please have the Trauma Coordinator or  EMS Coordiantor for the hospital contact Ashley Bergeron at (608) 267-0234 or by email at

Aggregate Reports




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NEMSIS (National EMS Information System)

NEMSIS (exit DHS) is a national database that stores aggregate data from all participating states (exit DHS).  Statistical information may be obtained from this database on a variety of topics such as disposition, elapsed times and delays.  Medical or trauma related transports as well as specific diagnoses such as Cardiac Arrest. None of the data provided to NEMSIS contains any patient's protected health information (PHI). Wisconsin has been providing data to NEMSIS since 2013.

The current version of NEMSIS being used is in WARDS is version 2.2.1. There are plans to upgrade to a newer updated version 3.3.4.  Below are resources that can be used to identify the data that is either required or optionally provided by all services statewide.

Current Version 2 Information

Updated Version 3 Information

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For further information about WARDS, contact Chuck Happel at (608) 266-0471 or by email at  

Last Revised: October 08, 2014