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Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program (WHEPP)

Emergency room staff - FEMA News PhotoThe Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program supports hospital emergency preparedness planning and response to mass casualty incidents or pandemic events. The Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program is funded by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) (exit DHS) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (DHHS). (exit DHS)  

A critical aspect of hospital emergency response planning is that all hospitals operate as "one region" under "one response plan". The one response plan provides a united, collaborative and organized response to an incident by strengthening an individual facility's capacity and readiness in such events.


Healthcare Coalitions

  1. Minimum levels of readiness

    1. Safety and security  

    2. Staff responsibility  

    3. Utility management

    4. Patient clinical and support activities

    5. HSEEP (Homeland security exercise and evaluation program)

  2. WI Trac: Wisconsin tracking, resources, alerts and communication (exit DHS)

  3. Legal resources for emergency preparedness (exit DHS)

  4. Residential care facilities resources (DQA Emergency Preparedness web site)

  5. Pre-hospital resources

  6. Contact information (available only to WI Trac for registered users)

 Last Revised: November 05, 2014