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Employee Information

Department of Health Services employees can access the DHS WorkWeb and STAR from the links below.

DHS WorkWeb

How to access the DHS WorkWeb from outside the DHS network

Go to You will be prompted to logon. Logon using your enterprise credentials (the same ID/password you would use for Outlook and STAR). Once you logon, you will have access just like you do when you are on the DHS network.

STAR Job Aids

STAR Job Aids are now only available on the DHS WorkWeb. There are two preferred ways to navigate to the STAR job aids:

  1. In the Topics A-Z at the top of your page, choose "S" for STAR.
  2. Enter STAR in the search option in the upper right corner of any DHS WorkWeb page, choose the search result for STAR.
Last revised June 15, 2022