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Announcing Swipe for Life Wisconsin

DHS unveiled new technology to improve the statewide donor registry at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, held in Sun Prairie on August 25-27. "Swipe for Life Wisconsin" allows a person to add his or her name to the registry by having the barcode on the back of the driver's license scanned. The handheld scanner populates the donor registration screen in a manner of seconds. The person then enters an email address, agrees to a short consent statement, and hits submit. The whole process takes less than a minute.

 A key benefit of the technology is that it helps bring the online registry directly to people all around the state, through events and other interactions, in a way that is completely secure yet faster and more efficient than having someone manually enter information on a website. Wisconsin is only the seventh state to introduce this technology, developed by CounterMind, LLC.

“Organizations using Swipe to Donate Life tell us the technology is a ‘game changer,’” says CounterMind CEO Chuck Krutsinger. “It not only provides a secure and fast way to register organ, tissue and eye donors, but the level of convenience has helped increase the willingness of people to register on the spot rather than leaving an event with an intention to register and then having to take extra steps later to complete the process.”

Wisconsin Donor Registry

Graphic: Yes, I will DonateHaving your name included in the Registry means that you have authorized the gift of your organs, tissues, and eyes upon your death. Registering indicates legal consent for donation. This decision can save and improve lives through transplantation, therapy, research, and education. Sign up today!

The need for organ, tissue, and eye donors is great. More than 123,000 people are listed on the national waiting list for organ transplants, and the list grows by 100 new names each day. In Wisconsin, over 2,300 people are included on the organ transplant waiting list. Sadly, on average 21 people die each day in this country waiting for a transplant. There is a need for more than one million tissue transplants and 46,000 corneal transplants every year in this country to heal and improve lives.

You can now contribute $2 to help save and improve lives when renewing your driver’s license. Your contribution will help Donate Life Wisconsin (DLW) to support donation education and services. DLW—an affiliate of Donate Life America—is a collaborative of organizations and individuals working to save and improve lives through organ, tissue and eye donation.

Again, please join 3 million Wisconsinites by signing up to be an organ, tissue, and eye donor at DonorRegistry.Wisconsin.gov.

Donor designation data

When applicants for a Wisconsin driver's license or state identification card visit a Department of Transportation Service Center, they are asked if they wish to register to be organ, tissue, and eye donors. The Department of Health Services accesses registrations, in aggregate, to maintain the Donor Designation Query System. This system provides statewide and regional data on donor designation for public education and awareness efforts.

Forms for organ, tissue and eye recovery organizations


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