Alcohol and Other Drug Use Statistics

Data briefs

Data dashboard

Substance Use: County Services

Data Direct: Opioids

Data Direct: Opioids provides information on adult opioid usage, youth opioid usage, opioid hospitalizations, and opioid-related deaths in dashboards that allow you to quickly gain a sense of changes, trends, and concerning behaviors. The data presented is the most-up-date data collected by us. Go to Data Direct: Opioids.

Environmental public health tracking data portal

Wisconsin's environmental public health tracking data portal provides information on the following measures.

  • Alcohol outlet density
  • Alcohol-related hospitalizations
  • Alcohol-related suicide deaths
  • Alcohol-related poisoning deaths
  • Alcohol-related unintentional fall deaths

Fact sheets

All of these fact sheets were published in 2017.

Reports and publications

Wisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health (WISH)

Query the WISH system for statistics related to the use, misuse, and abuse of opioids in Wisconsin.

Last Revised: December 6, 2019