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Adolescent Health in Wisconsin

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The Wisconsin Adolescent Health team supports the wellbeing, growth, and safety of Wisconsin’s young people. It promotes this unique stage of life as one where youth find out who they are and want to be.

About the Adolescent Health Team

The Wisconsin Adolescent Health Team's mission is to empower young people and partner to promote the well-being of Wisconsin adolescents. Expand each section below to learn more.

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The Adolescent Health Strategic Plan was created in partnership with over 30 collaborating partners including youth, state and local government, and nonprofits. Four main goals were identified 

  • Increase the number of youth participating in program and policy related activities (planning, creating, implementing, and evaluating) to ensure diverse youth voices are heard, cherished, and acted upon.
  • Increase the number of young people statewide who have their basic needs met (health, food, clothing, shelter, access to care) so that they feel more connected, safe, and supported.
  • Develop long-term collaborations with statewide partners and diverse community organizations to make adolescent health a statewide priority.
  • Remove barriers to funding opportunities and equitably distribute funding that aligns with community informed priorities.

The Adolescent Health Team is committed to prioritizing and uplifting youth most impacted by inequities and whose voices are often unheard, including Black, Indigenous, and Youth of Color, youth with disabilities and special health care needs, and youth who identify as LGBTQ+. The Adolescent Health Team and their partners recognize that the wellbeing of young people is shaped by many factors and will take an intersectional approach that considers how power, privilege, and social structures play into systems of oppression. Read the Adolescent Health Team 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, P-03344. (PDF)

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We foster healthy experiences, relationships, and communities through our programs and grant.

See current funding opportunities and also learn more on our programs page.

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Youth engagement is a key part of the Wisconsin Adolescent Health Team and Adolescent Health Programs.

Learn more about involving youth in planning and making decisions that affect them.

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Last revised August 31, 2023