Oral Health Program

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Check out our latest fact sheet to learn more about the impact of safety net clinics and school-based dental sealant programs supported by the Oral Health Program.


The mission of the Oral Health Program is to promote and improve oral health for the benefit of all Wisconsin citizens so that everyone is living their best life.

This is accomplished through policy development, technical assistance, needs assessment, training, education, and through the planning, implementation, and evaluation of preventive oral health programs.



Programs and Initiatives

The Oral Health Program supports safety net clinics, school-based programs and evidence-based initiatives.


The Oral Health Program is committed to collecting data on the oral health status across the life span of Wisconsin populations. 


Educational resources on a variety of oral health topics.

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Information about free or low cost clinics

Information about free or reduced fee dental clinics

Last Revised: May 20, 2019