Tobacco is Changing

Meet The Next Generation of Addictive Tobacco Products

Electronic cigarettes, little cigars, smokeless products, sweet candy flavors, and new products designed to hide addiction in plain sight. The next generation of dangerous and deceptive tobacco products is here and doesn’t look anything like a pack of cigarettes.

Tobacco is developing new products and tactics so fast, it’s tough for parents to recognize tobacco when they see it, and even tougher to talk to your kids about the terrible damage tobacco products can do. But that can change right here. It has to. Because the tobacco industry has already found ways to get around restrictions that banned a few flavored tobacco products and made it illegal to sell tobacco to anyone under 21. Tobacco is changing, faster than ever, parents. Let us help you keep up.

Your “Tobacco Talk” Needs an Update

Talking about the dangers of tobacco with your kids means discussing a lot more than cigarettes. Hit “play” to learn more about the newest tobacco products and tactics taking aim at Wisconsin youth.


Share these Fast Facts about Tobacco

Surround the kids in your life with caring, well-informed adults. Share what you know about tobacco’s dangers with parents, teachers, and other caregivers.

Illustration of head outline with brain: Nicotine may cause memory and attention problems in a child's growing brain

Illustration of five kids: Four out of five kids who've used tobacco tried a flavored product first

Illustration: E-cigarettes are more popular than conventional cigarettes among Wisconsin teens

Illustration: The first tobacco product most kids try is flavored

Take the Next Step

Get to know the new face of tobacco. Being informed, and getting involved, can help your kids stay healthy and tobacco-free.


Close up of teacher in a classroom

Tips for Schools

School plays a huge role in young people’s lives, and that means teachers can have a huge impact on underage tobacco use. Find tips and tools for talking to students, updating your school’s tobacco policies, cessation policies, and more.


More menthol choices

The Costs of Menthol

Research shows the minty-flavor of menthol makes tobacco more appealing to youth, easier to use, and tougher to quit. It’s also one of the main tactics the tobacco industry has historically used to target young people and communities of color.

Last Revised: July 13, 2021