Long Term Care Insurance Partnership (LTCIP)

The Wisconsin Long Term Care Insurance Partnership (LTCIP) Program is a joint effort between the federal Medicaid Program, long-term care insurers, and the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s LTCIP Program is a partnership between:

  • Private Long-Term Care Insurers 

  • Long-Term Care Insurance Producers (agents and brokers)

  • Department of Health Services (DHS)

  • Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI)

At the federal level, the LTCIP program is overseen by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The purpose of the Wisconsin LTCIP program is to encourage people to make plans for how they will meet their future long-term care needs, whether through services provided in their own home or another community-based setting or in a nursing facility.

Under the Wisconsin LTCIP program, an amount equal to the amount of benefits that an individual receives under a qualifying LTCIP insurance policy is excluded when determining:

  • The individual’s resources for purposes of determining Wisconsin Medicaid eligibility and
  • The amount to be recovered from the individual’s estate if the individual receives Wisconsin Medicaid benefits.
Last Revised: April 20, 2016