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This website explains how health care professionals and consumers of health care can use health information technology (health IT) to access the right health care information at the right time across the care continuum.

What is health IT?

To learn about health IT and the impact of digital technologies on care delivery, visit the eHealth Program pages below:

Learn about Health IT

Health IT is important because it can help everyone record, share, and use health information for better health and health care. This section contains information about some of the more common technologies in the health IT tool kit—like electronic health records (EHRs)—which can improve health care communication, safety, and quality.

Your Health Care Experience

This section explains how both health care professionals and health care consumers can actively use health IT. Providers can digitally engage with their patients, and individuals take steps to access, manage, and use their personal health record—positioning them to be “in charge” of their health.

Privacy and Security of Health Information

Protecting health information is an important matter. Individuals care about the privacy and security of their health information in the same way they care about the cost and quality of care they receive.

Health IT Landscape

This section contains findings from Wisconsin’s Health IT Landscape, including EHR adoption rates, health information exchange, and health IT initiatives, such as electronic patient engagement, telehealth, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, and electronic prescribing.

Wisconsin eHealth Resources

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About Wisconsin eHealth

Learn more about the Wisconsin eHealth Program and how eHealth could help answer health IT questions and envision quality care solutions.

Last Revised: July 25, 2019

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