Environmental Public Health Tracking

Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking is your source for environmental health data in Wisconsin. Learn more about us, P-02446 (PDF)


We house data on nearly a dozen environmental public health topics such as air quality, asthma, Lyme disease, and many others.

We work with data managers to host the most up-to-date data available.

Our data portal has improved mapping, exporting, mobility, and the capacity to display data below the county-level. Note that the portal works best with Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

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Bicycle lane painted on a street.
New Ideas for Taking Action!
Our health is influenced by the design of our communities. Designing communities that encourage healthy choices is critical to improving the health and quality of life of community members. Check out our new fact sheet, Community Design: Ideas for Taking Action, P-01795I, that includes potential strategies for improving health through community design.



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Last Revised: July 19, 2021